Microgaming Casinos in Canada

Play in the CA Microgaming CasinosThe environment for online casino play in Canada can seem complicated because there are laws on both a federal and provincial level that can seem like they are at odds. However, the situation is very simple if you know what to look for. The basic format for online casino play in Canada is that it's completely legal for players to get in on the action wherever they want, and the only type of gambling made illegal on a federal level is sports betting on just one or two events (parlays of 3+ events are legal, oddly enough). Along these lines, players will have no trouble getting in on the action with Microgaming CA casinos.

What Microgaming CA Casinos Have to Offer

Canadian players tend to prefer casino games over other types of betting, and that's where Microgaming gets the advantage because they have every type of online casino game that you could want. What's more is that these games are extremely secure thanks to high-level SSL encryption technology that keeps your financial details, casino logins and other personal data safe from prying eyes. This is the same kind of encryption technology used to protect online shoppers at top shopping websites, and it's also the encryption used by banks.

Top Canadian Microgaming Casinos

Brief History of Online Casinos in Canada

The way that online gambling law works in Canada is that the federal government has a ban on all forms of gambling except for what the provinces allow. Thankfully, all of the provinces allow its citizens to gamble online. The federal ban is only in place to allow provinces the legal precedent to make online gambling illegal if they decide to do so at some point in the future by simply removing the provincial laws for online gambling. The end result is that playing with Microgaming CA casinos is completely legal and spelled out in plain language in Canadian law.

Safety Considerations

When you play with any online casino, you want to play with a brand you can trust. Microgaming produced the software for the very first online casino way back in 1996, and they've stayed on top of the industry since then by providing consistent service and building a long reputation for being a company that players can trust. The online casinos that use their software have to be vetted first to make sure that they adhere to strict business practices so that they do not damage Microgaming's reputation. This is great news for Canadian players who want to play with sites that they can trust.

In Conclusion

The bottom line is that playing at Microgaming CA casinos is completely legal, and to prove it, there have been no cases where the government or police have went after anyone for playing at Internet casinos. While each province handles online gambling laws in their own way in terms of running government-operated lotteries and other games, you can rely on Microgaming-powered online casinos to be the most secure sites that are available to Canadian players from all over the country.