The Best Microgaming Live Casinos

Online casinos have brought the ability to play your favorite casino games for real money to tons of people who wouldn't have that option otherwise. However, there is definitely something different about playing in an online casino when compared to a live casino. Microgaming has taken some major steps to close that gap with their live dealer games. When you play in Microgaming live games, you'll have options to play the most popular table games of all time with real dealers using real casino equipment. The games are transmitted to your computer live in high-definition video and sound to give you the closest experience possible to playing in a land-based casino game.

How Microgaming Live Dealer Games Work

There are three major games that are available in the live games that many Microgaming-powered online casinos offer. The first of those is Baccarat, and Baccarat by itself is pretty important for these live games because up until the introduction of online casinos, low stakes players never had a chance to play real money Baccarat. Because this game was only played for high stakes in exclusive, roped-off areas, there wasn't much known about it on a larger scale. With the live Baccarat games provided by Microgaming casinos, you can play this game and enjoy yourself without having to break the bank.

Roulette is another casino classic that you can enjoy in Microgaming's live dealer games. This game is played in a multi-player environment like all of their other live games, and this allows you to chat it up with players and enjoy the social aspect of playing in a casino that you wouldn't normally get when playing online. The European table layout is used in this game which means you get the best odds of all roulette games, and that gives you better chances to win.

No live casino would be complete without blackjack games, and you'll get them in a major way when you play in Microgaming live casino games. These blackjack tables have big cards that clearly mark the value of your hands so that they're easy to see, and that makes it perfect for the online environment. With favorable rules and great live dealers who will walk you through your hands if you need it, this is one of the best ways to play blackjack in the online casino world today.

Fairness and Game Quality

To help ease your mind and make sure that you know you're actually playing in live games and not something that's on a recording, they often have televisions playing popular channels in the background as well as other ways to confirm that the action is taking place in real time. While no one would seriously doubt the integrity of Microgaming's games, they are always a step ahead and give you this kind of verification without you having to ask for it. This type of thoughtfulness is one of the reasons why they're at the top of the industry.

The quality of these live games speak for themselves. High-definition video and sound feeds are used to give you the best experience possible. What's more is that you can choose between normal dealers or special Playboy bunny croupiers for your games. Either way, you'll still get the same amazing service and game selection in the Microgaming live casino games.