Live Blackjack from Microgaming

Live Blackjack Table from Microgaming FotoLive Dealer Blackjack Photo

Microgaming offers various Blackjack games with live dealers. This includes single and multi-hand, along with Playboy, which is exclusive to Microgaming casinos. Each of these variations provides a professional Blackjack experience with multiple options, game settings, and bonus betting opportunities. Players will have the advantage of electronic calculators to give you the total of each hand, meaning you can sit back and relax while enjoying the game. The cards used have bigger numbers, allowing everything to see the cards on the table. Multi-hand variations will allow more than one player per table, which has no effect on your game.

Each table will provide limits, a bonus bet, and the standard bet required before each round. Players can choose the value to bet in each round with the chip options on the left. Just pick a chip and click on the bet circle in front of your seat to start playing. The game will require dealers to hit on 16, and all other standard Blackjack rules will apply.

About Live Dealer Blackjack

Live Blackjack from Microgaming will ensure you have the best options available with each hand. This includes hit, split, double down, or stand. Players will have the possibility to split any 2 cards with the same value and double down in only the first round on a total consisting of 9, 10, or 11.  Dealers will deal cards from 8 decks, which are shuffled and cut before it's added to the shoot.

How to Play Microgaming Blackjack

Live Blackjack is just as easy to play as with a land-based casino. Players can sign in and choose a seat at any of the table presented. The table limits will always be displayed with a golden board on the table, along with the chip values on the left. If satisfied, you can choose a seat and place your bet. The game will also include a “bet behind” option, meaning you can bet on any active players to win. You will not need a seat for this, but the option will be available to you even when you have a seat.

Once you have a seat, place a bet in the circle. This will include your hand for the next round, meaning you will receive 2 face-up cards. The dealer will begin to offer the options on the far left and more right. Once your hand has been reached, you can choose to hit, stand, double, or split. Once all the hands have been played, the dealer will receive the house cards and compare hands for a winner.

Players can enjoy multiple variations of the game with Microgaming, which will include the same rules, but different layouts and gaming options. The dealers are always professional and friendly, which simply makes the game more enjoyable.