Live Casino Hold’em Review

Live Casino Hold’em Image

Live Casino Hold’em from Microgaming provides a professional Poker game with real live dealers. This will allow users to enjoy fair gaming and see the actual dealer. The developer has taken the time to provide players with a real experience, meaning you can wager on the table to get the real casino feel with each round. Standard Hold’em rules are used in the game, meaning the hands are ranked according to standard poker rules. Players will be able to see the dealer, the cards dealt, table limits, and all the chip values on the left.

At the bottom of the screen, all your options will be available, including game settings, total bets, balances and more. The video quality is HD and streamed directly to your screen for a live game experience.

About Live Dealer Casino Hold’em

Live Hold’em is broadcasted from the Microgaming studios and captured on camera, which is shared to all members via the internet. Microgaming has ensured all members feel welcomed as various bet values and game options are available for beginners and experts that enjoy higher limits. Players have the option to play other games at the same time, which will be played in split screen mode. This will allow you to play another live dealer game or enjoy slots at the same time.

How to Play Microgaming Casino Hold’em

Live dealer Hold’em is played directly with the casino, meaning other players at the table will not have any effect on the outcome of your hand. With each new round, you need to place a bet on Ante, which will include you with the next game. The dealer will provide your games face up, and their cards face down. The first 3 community cards will be placed in the centre of the table, allowing you to look for any possible wins.

A call bet can be placed, which is double you Ante bet. This will take you to the last round where the other 2 cards will be added to the community cards. The dealer will then reveal their cards and hands will be compared. In the case of a win you will receive back double you call, and Ante bet, but if the dealers hand is stronger, both your fortunes will be lost. The game will also assist with the hands you have by pointing out any combinations you currently have.

A bonus bet is available, which is marked with AA on the table. This bet can consist of any value and will reward according to the hand you have. The minimum requirement is a pair of Aces, but the more powerful your hand is, the more you will be rewarded. This bet does not have anything to do with your Ante and call the bet, but should be seen as a side bet.