Live Roulette Review

Live Roulette Image

Live Roulette from Microgaming is one their most popular live dealer game options. Players have the ability to choose from many variations, including Playboy, European, French, and American. Players will have the ability to join any one of these tables and enjoy bet limits that suit them. The limits are set far apart, which allows players to use strategies without exceeding limits after a few bets. The dealers can be seen clearly, and tables have multiple camera angles to show each move on the dealers behalf. The camera will also offer a close-up view of the actual wheel when the ball is in motion, giving online players an even better view of the table and options than a land-based casino.

The game is played with straightforward options, and chip values are shown on the left. Here you can choose your bet and place it on the table wherever you want. Tables include both inside and outside bet options, which provides a full Roulette experience as if you were the only person at the table. Other players might join your game, but has no effect on your opportunities or the results or each round.

About Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette is broadcasted from the Microgaming studios in Canada and shared to all the computers currently signed into the room. The video feed is in HD, but can be adjusted to suit slower internet speeds for a smooth game. The dealers are professional and provide you with enough time to place your bets before putting the ball in motion. Betting takes place on the table, and different chip values can be selected for each bet type. Rebet options or double ups can be accessed with the options at the bottom of your screen.

How to Play Microgaming Roulette

Microgaming’s Live Roulette works exactly the same as virtual Roulette or the Roulette you would find in a land-based casino. Sign into a table and choose a seat, which has a chip colour already assigned for you. Once a new round begins, you can choose a chip value and place it on the table. Options include all betting types such as colours, first and last 18, first, second, and third 12’s, odds or even, and much more. Inside betting will also offer various options, such as straight numbers, split, corners, and more.

Once your bets have been placed, the round will begin, and the dealer will spin the ball. A close-up view of the table will show on your screen, which will show exactly where the ball lands. The dealer will also call the number along with its colour, and whether it’s odd or even. All betting is virtual, meaning your payouts are instantly added to your account, allowing you to place your next bet with the winning amounts.