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Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack is a popular table game from Microgaming offering multiple hand play along with various options to increase wager amounts and tilt the edge in your favour with a late surrender feature.

How it Works

Microgaming has developed the table game to be played with eight decks of 52 cards, which are shuffled before each hand. The game reflects the standard blackjack with most rules in effect but offers a late surrender feature. The additional feature comes into play when the dealer has blackjack. Once the cards are dealt, the dealer will check if his hand consists of a blackjack (face card and ace). If blackjack is presented, players have the option of surrendering half their bet and not continue the hand. Playing further is also on option.

The additional option provides less risk for the player while still having the high payout rate from the standard game. Should players decide to play further, the surrender option will fall away for that round, meaning once accepted, you will not have the ability to quit from that point on. 

Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack will still provide all the other options such as double, split, and hit as found with regular blackjack. This means there is no “catch” to take advantage of the additional feature. Each non-blackjack hand from the dealer will be played as normal.

Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjack Table

Microgaming Blackjacks has included a well-designed table with various options that are easy to reach and change between rounds. All betting options appear at the bottom of the screen, much like their video slots. Players have the ability to select various chip values, allowing different amounts to be placed on each had or easily playing a progressive game.

Re-bet and clear button appear here as well. These will either re-bet the values from the previous hand or allow new bets to be placed on each position.

The table allows up to 5 hands at a time, players can choose to play as many as they like at a time. Simply place a bet within the golden star to activate the hand for the next round. The table also indicates rules in the centre of the table, which is standard with land based and most online table games.

Card values are added up automatically once cards are dealt. Players will see this value next to the cards, allowing easy desitions to be made with each hand. Atlantic City Multi-Hand Blackjackis also played at your pace, meaning there is no timer or last bet call. Players can take their time with each hand and set the perfect bet total or take a minute to work on another strategy without losing out on rounds.