Atlantic City Blackjack Review

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In the last month of the year, Microgaming decided to surprise its table games fans with a suite of new blackjack games. Basically, the developer covered the most popular blackjack variants, Atlantic City Blackjack included. And while all other variants allow the Double Down, Split and Insurance bet, in Atlantic City Blackjack you’ll make use of an additional feature, the Surrender feature. Eager to find out more about it? Continue reading!


As introduced, Atlantic Blackjack is an 8 deck, American hole card game, which offers the Double Down and Split options, in addition to the Surrender feature and the Insurance bet. The general rule that the Dealer must stand on all 17 applies here. And, the Dealer peeks on Aces and 10 value cards for Blackjack.

Now, when it comes to Double Down, you can do it only on your first two cards, placing a bet equal to your regular stake. You get one card and your hand stands. Contrary to most other variants, in Atlantic City Blackjack, you can Double Down after a Split.

Speaking of Split, the rules are pretty standard. You Split when you have two cards of the same value or denomination. You place a bet equal to your regular stake, and you’re dealt a new card to each hand. You can Split Aces only once, and after receiving a card for each, the hand stands. If you draw a 10 value card at this point, the hand does not count as Blackjack, but as 21. Otherwise, when you Split any two other cards, you can Split up to three times and play four hands.

The rules for Insurance are the regular ones. As far as the Late Surrender goes, you can opt for it after the Dealer has checked their cards. If the Dealer does not have a Blackjack, you can Surrender. The Late Surrender is only available on the first two cards dealt. Before you Surrender, though, the Insurance bet must be resolved, and the Dealer must check for Blackjack. Upon surrendering, you give up half your regular bet.


Switch Studios has kept things simple in terms of Atlantic City Blackjack’s design. You will see the dark green table, with the game’s name written in the middle. Below it, you see the main rules and odds written, and below the writings, you see the “Click to Bet” field. Right below it, you see the “Clear” and “Deal” buttons, and on their left side, you see the chips. In the top left corner of the screen, you can find the settings and paytable buttons. Overall, the developer made everything pretty straightforward and accessible to any slots player. Speaking of that, the game is available on all desktop, tablet and mobile devices, to take it on the go. Left-Hand Mode and Turbo Mode are available, as well.


The RTP the game offers is 99.65%. Your minimum bet can be $1 and your maximum $200. However, there are many other in-between options. Therefore, you can place a $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, $50 and $100 bets, if you want to.

Payout-wise, standard odds apply here. Blackjack pays 3 to 2, standard wins 1:1 and Insurance 2:1. When you Surrender, you give up on half of your regular bet. The Insurance bet is deducted from your balance, which costs half the regular bet if the Dealer does not have a Blackjack.


Atlantic City Blackjack, being an American hole card, is always different than other blackjack variants, mainly due to the availability of the Surrender option. And this option is really necessary at times, so if you're up for a round of blackjack where you have all the possible things to get seamless gaming, make sure you try out Microgaming’s new Atlantic City Blackjack because you'll enjoy every bit of it


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