Perfect Pairs Blackjack Gold Review

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Perfect Pairs Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold is a European blackjack variation from the well-known developer, Microgaming. Players will be able to place an optional side bet with winning prospects up to 30 to 1. Played with two decks of 52 cards, players will have five positions to place bets and play against the house only. Each of these positions have an additional side bet, meaning a total of 10 bets can be placed in each round.

How it Works

Players have the ability to place side bets on as many hands as they choose. As with most blackjack side bets, this will only reward when a hand consists of a double. The game pays 7 to 1 if the same numbers are present in hand, 15 to 1 when numbers and suits match, and finally, 30 to 1 when numbers and suits match. Each hand is played individually meaning a side bet on one hand can't be transferred to another.

As for other Perfect Pairs Blackjack Gold rules, this variation of blackjack is based on European, meaning splitting is allowed when a hand with the same number and any suit is dealt at the beginning of the game. Players will have the ability to split pair aces as well as hit multiple times on each hand.

The dealer stands on any 17 and has to hit on any lower value. Also, the dealer will not have the ability to peek for a blackjack before the game starts, allowing all players to enjoy the game and possibly reach 21 before the dealer reveals their cards. The rules allow players to double down on any hand consisting of an 11, 10, or 9 total.

Perfect Pairs Multi-Hand Blackjack Gold Table

Those of you who have played blackjack with Microgaming will know the developer offers an incredible gaming experience with high-quality graphics and various betting opportunities. Chips including $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, and $25.00 can be used to construct bet amounts. The table itself displays the game rules along with the pockets for each betting option.

On the left of each pocket is an additional chip position where the side bet can be placed. Players can choose different values apart from the main hand bet to play in the side bet as they are seen as individual bets.

Microgaming has included a high-quality table finish with a wood trim around the standard green tablecloth. Cards are easy to see with bigger than usual numbers and suits allowing all players of 18 and above to enjoy the game.

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