Premier Hi-Lo Blackjack Gold Review

Premier Hi-Lo Blackjack Gold Image

Premier Hi-Lo Blackjack from Microgaming provides an exciting side bet options to add simply to the standard game and provide more attractive opportunities. Players will be able to enjoy a normal European blackjack game that is played with two decks holding 52 cards each. A single hand is played per round that can consist of various bet values placed in the card block on the table. Betting options are displayed as chips to the left and include denominations from $1.00 to $25.00 each. 

The additional features will provide three extra betting options, including Lo, Hi, and middle, which is 13. The side game can be played with any of the available denominations before the next round begins and can reward up to 10 to 1.

How it Works

With each round, players will set the bet on the card cutout. To place a side bet and stand a chance to win more, you will need to place a bet on any one of the three bet options to the left of the cutout. As mentioned these include Lo, 13, and Hi. Each of these represents a different section of the numbers up to 21. Much like roulette’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd 12’s. Betting on low means you will double your bet when a hand total from 2 to 12 is presented. Placing a bet on hi, rewards double the bet for hand values 14 to 21. Betting on 13 means you are betting on a hand value of 13 only, this will pay 10 to 1 if you manage to hit it.

The side bet has no effect on the standard game, meaning you can win the side bet, but still lose the primary game, and the other way around. The side bet is only valid with the first two cards dealt with the hand, meaning the winnings will be paid before players have the option to hit, double up, or split with the regular game.

Premier Hi-Lo Blackjack Table

Microgaming has used a well-designed green table cover for the game with a dark wood finish right around. Premier Hi-Lo Blackjack rules stating the dealer needs to stand on all 17’s is displayed on the table along with the game name and other relevant info. Golden trimmings and card backing are used to keep the theme and the premier status of the table.

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