Premier High Streak Blackjack Review

Premier High Streak Blackjack Image

Premier High Streak Blackjack provides an exciting game experience with a side betting option that rewards up to 10 to 1 apart from your standard blackjack winnings. Microgaming has developed this variation of blackjack to accommodate all player types who want to take advantage of improved winnings. As per usual, players will have various options to choose from when it comes to betting but will alsohave more options with the side bet option.

The table is well-designed and includes Microgaming’s animations as cards appear on the table and while each hand is played. Each hand is played with two regular decks of 52 cards that will be shuffled between hands for a fair gaming experience.

How it Works

This variation is played one hand at a time with standard blackjack rules. Players will be able to access standard options such as split with any hand with the same card values, double up in the first round, hit for another card or stand should the hand value be sufficient for the player.

Standard Premier High Streak Blackjack wagers are placed in the big circle allocated in front of the player. These values can be adjusted by selecting one of the chip values to the left. An additional five smaller circles will appear to the right of the standard bet, which is where players to take advantage of the extra bet option.

Once a bet has been placed in the smaller right, no adjustments can be made. The game will continue as normal with the standard bet. Should the hand be lost, bother bets will be removed. However, if players managed to win the first hand, players will be rewarded with the standard bet and the side bet will move on to the next level of 4 small circles that follow. 

Each circle after the first will provide an additional payout. For example, if the player loses the second hand after placing the side bet, the side bet will reward 1 to 1, losing after the third hand will pay 2 to 1, after the fourth hand 5 to 1, and finally, after the 5th hand 10 to 1.

Players also have the option to place another side bet once the first side bet has shifted up, meaning all side betting circles can contain chips to reward continuously if you keep winning consecutively.

Premier High Streak Blackjack Table Layout

The developer has ensured players have all the options within reach. All settings are easy to reach and change between round, allowing easy betting options. The table appears in green and has a cherry wood trip with golden edges, which also appear in the card holder and game rules. Microgaming has created a blackjack game well worth playing with many others and betting limits to accommodate any player.

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