Vegas Strip Blackjack Review

Vegas Strip Blackjack Image

When Microgaming announced that it was about to expand its portfolio of table games, developed by Switch Studios, little did we know that the new Vegas Strip Blackjack game will offer as many things as it does. It is a game with a stellar performance on any mobile and desktop device, which was built on a super-powerful new engine, offering feature-packed gameplay. Eager to start playing? Better get informed first!


Vegas Strip Blackjack, as well as all the other blackjack variants announced by the developer, is packed with cool features. It combines fluid gameplay with superb sounds and thrilling animations for an exciting gaming experience.

The powerful new variant offers the standard side bets: Split Hands, Double Down and Insurance. It is played with 4 standard decks. The gameplay is pretty standard. Dealer’s Hole Card is used, and when dealt a card with a 10 value or an Ace, the Dealer peeks for Blackjack. Double Down is available after a Split and on first two cards only. Split is available only on two cards that have the same value or denomination. Surrender is not available, but Insurance is. As usual, the Dealer stands on all 17.


When you first load Vegas Strip Blackjack, you can see the predominant purple colour. You will see that on the table you have the bet payouts displayed, and the general rule that Dealer must stand on all 17. Then you have the “Click to Bet” field, where you can put the chips you wish to play with. On the left top corner of the screen, you have the Settings, and on the right bottom, you have the question mark where you can get more information on the game if you need it, and the speaker, where you can enable or disable the superior sounds. In all, the game looks neat and simple, just like any blackjack player would want it to look. A modern touch is added to it, and the sleek graphics only enhance this effect.


The minimum bet you can place on Vegas Strip Blackjack is $1 and the maximum $200. But you have plenty of other choices when it comes to bets. You can place chips worth $2, $5, $10, $20, $25, $50 or $100 if you want to. The RTP is incredible, 99.65%.

Now, Blackjack pays 3 to 2, Insurance 2 to 1 and a Standard win pays 1 to 1. If your first two cards form a Blackjack with an Ace and one 10 value card, your hand stands. If the Dealer’s hand exceeds 21, it is bust and your hand wins. If your hand and the Dealer’s have the same value or a Blackjack, both hands push, and on a push, your regular stake is returned to you.


We cannot say that Vegas Strip Blackjack is really different from other versions of the game. However, the fact that the dealer needs to peek significantly reduces your losses from splitting or doubling down if the Dealer’s hand is a Blackjack. Besides, Switch Studios has designed it to perfection, with jaw-dropping graphics, attention to details and straightforward interface that makes it super-easy for you to go through the gameplay, on whichever device you wish. The game is available on all devices, so make sure you load it wherever you are at the moment.

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