Craps Review

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Microgaming is considered one of the best when it comes to online gaming. With over 15 years in the gaming market, they have managed to receive various rewards for the games they create. Craps being one of their main attractions, players will be able to enjoy different styles of the game, including Vegas Craps, the standard game, and much more. Since Microgaming strives to entertain and offer options, players will be able to enjoy Craps on PC with Flash-based gaming as well as mobile with support for smartphones and tablets.

Microgaming provides a betting total that will suit all players. With table limits up to $1,000.00, high rollers will be able to enjoy the game with progressive betting or just wagering to win big. Smaller bets can also be placed with a minimum bet of just $1.00 per chip, allowing you to increase the bet at your pace or bet low with a system in place to win regularly.


Microgaming has created a relatively standard game that will provide all the usual features and bet options. The developer includes a help option within the game that provides playing details about how the game works as well as the payouts for each bet section. At first, the game might seem very confusing, but with the tips offered, players will get up to speed in no time. Players will also be able to access free versions of the game, making it a lot easier to risk higher bets to see results or work on a betting strategy.

Game Stats will be offered with in detail reports of about your history of the current session, meaning a few rounds need to be played before the feature can be used. Players have the option of rolling dice without placing bets, which result in the stats becoming available and making it easier to work out the best betting strategy.

Microgaming has created the Craps table to offer all the features and options in easy to find locations. At the bottom of the screen, players will find bet information, game options, and settings. These also hold current bet total, winnings, and the remaining account totals. Most of these options can be adjusted while the game is played and re-bet options make the progressive gaming opportunity easy.

The table itself appears in blue with golden trimmings to line out betting options and features. Each round depends on you, meaning there is no need to rush or wait for other players before the next round.

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