Cyberstud Poker Review

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Cyberstud Poker from Microgaming provides a unique poker experience, that is played against the house. A well-designed table and various betting options are displayed for players ranging from low to high rollers.

This form of poker has been proven highly popular among land-based and online casinos. Microgaming has made this version available online players via flash, PC or with smartphones and tablets using iOS, Android or Windows operating systems.

About the Game

This poker game from Microgaming is easy to play and provides straightforward betting options. Before each round begins, the player needs to choose a chip value from the available amounts displayed at the bottom. This is where many other options including re-bet and call or fold options are located.

Place the chip in the Ante oval of the bet options seen in front of you. The dealer will provide five cards that are placed face up on the table to the left. In front of the dealer, a single card will be added. Players can then look at their cards and decide if they would like to continue the game by calling and placing double the Ante bet on the call oval or would they like to fold and lose their Ante bet.

Standard poker rules apply in relation to the possible combinations that can be achieved. This relates to the matching of two card numbers, three card numbers and so on.  Flushes and straights also apply here along with the mighty Royal Flush being the best hand possible.

The dealer will require at least an ace or king to qualify, if the dealer does not qualify, the player will automatically win. Should the dealer have a high card of a pair or higher, the game will go on, and hands will be compared according to standard poker rules. The game will reward 1 to 1 when a win occurs.

Players can choose from values ranging from $1.00 to $100.00 per coin and take advantage of faster game options. However, the next round will depend on the player as it is only played once a bet has been placed in Ante. This allows the player to take his time and place any betting value for the next game.

The table has been well-designed and provides all the features and options required to make the best of each round. Microgaming has ensured a random number generator is used to provide fair betting values.

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