Keno Review

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Finally, keen Keno players can now enjoy their favourite game at home with the new online game created by Microgaming. Keno is one of the world's most enjoyed lottery style games and played by millions of players daily. With online Keno, it offers players the perfect opportunity to continue playing or learn a new game and join other players who enjoy great rewards from their lucky numbers in this revolutionary game.

How to Play Online Keno

Bets on Keno range from $1.00 up to $10.00 per game and players may select from 1 to 15 numbers on each game or round.  Online the game is very similar to the type of Keno played in land based casinos.

Keno is a game that entirely revolves around numbers and luck, and playing it is quite similar to a lottery game as winning is based on luck while the game itself is a lot of fun. The board you play on consists of a series of numbers starting from 1 to 80 and in order to become a Keno winner you have to start off by selecting 15 numbers. These can be randomly selected, based on lucky numbers or birthdays.

Once your selection is made the draw takes place, which randomly selects 20 numbered balls, and if the twenty numbers that are drawn match the number you have decided to pick, you win. Generous rewards are offered and can be viewed on the payout table provided on the screen. Achieving eight hits or 8 matching numbers pays 15 times your bet, matching 12 numbers offers a high payout of 600 times your bet and when you match all 15 your selected numbers you win 10.000 times your bet.

Theme & Design

The best part of playing Keno is that the game is easy to understand and simplistic enough for all players to enjoy and understand. The green game board changes to a royal blue once the numbers have been selected and numbers that match also change from colours. As easy as it I to misunderstand other game rules, it is as easy to win in Microgaming’s Keno. The hits and payouts displayed on the main screen inform players of how much is paid for matches and numbers can be selected from the screen.


Playing virtual Keno could not be easier and it’s a game of luck that depends on the numbers you picked. Payouts per hit are displayed on the screen and numbers change colours to ensure you know exactly how much you have won.  With impressive winning amounts reaching up to 10.000 coins everyone should give Keno a try, it might become your new favourite game.

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