Monkey Keno Review

Monkey Keno Image

Monkey Keno is a recently announced game of Keno, which will be released by Microgaming on their platform, Quickfire, and which was originally designed by Mahi Gaming. It’s a monkey themed slot machine, featuring tribal and jungle designs, all done in a pretty cartoon style that suits it. The game has a total of 80 numbers present on its grid of 8x10. A 10,000x prize is offered if you get the ones you need.

Betting and Prizes

You can change the wager from the bottom of the screen, from the section marked Bet. You click on the arrows found on the Left or the Right, in order to decrease or increase the value of the bet.

Should you guess all the numbers correctly, you can win as much as 10,000 times what the total stake was for that round. You can win with fewer guesses as well, just not as much.


The rules of a game of Keno require the player to choose numbers, anywhere from 3 to 15 of them. The game occurs on a table with 10 columns and 8 rows, a total of 80 numbers being shown on them, going from 1 to 80. You pick from these numbers, up to 15 as I said, and then you click on Play and the game will start. You can make your choice manually, or you can just use Quick Pick to have the game choose for you automatically.

Once the Play button has been pushed, you will notice that the monkey will start throwing coconuts at the numbers. Twenty coconuts will be thrown, and you just need up to fifteen to be on numbers that you picked. You get paid for all the numbers that you picked correctly, even if you only got one.

Theme & Design

The action takes place near a tropical beach, coconut trees sitting next to the game area, with a monkey on the left side. The monkey has a pile of coconuts that it will use to hit random numbers on the board. It’s an excellent design, cartoonish but that’s a good thing in its case.


If you enjoy a good game of Keno, this one will certainly pay well and it looks like a fun choice.

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