Pachinko Review

Pachinko Image

Pachinko is a popular Japanese game. It can be classified as a 90-ball bingo variant. Thanks to Microgaming you can give this game a try. It’s as simple as any other bingo variant. You buy one ticket or more and you wait for the balls to come out. Once you get a pattern right you win.

However, Microgaming’s Pachinko is a bit different. That’s because of the interesting design. Namely, the game takes place during the night. A lovely temple serves as the background for the game. Also, cricket noises add to the atmosphere.

Pachinko Features

As mentioned before, you can think of Pachinko as a 90-ball bingo game. The 4 tickets you play with are right in front of you. The game picks 30 balls randomly and displays them once you decide to play. If you’re missing a single number for a winning pattern then another ball will be drawn.

This is available for wins that are 8x prizes or higher. You can get an extra ball a maximum of 10 times. Also, you pay for the ball with your credits. You can change a ticket by clicking on it. Naturally, you can choose to change one or more. You can also get Free Balls and Wild Balls in this game.


Microgaming’s Pachinko takes place during the night. An illustrious temple serves as the background in the game. You’ll also see Maneki-Neko on one of the roofs. It’s a white cate that will bring you good fortune during your rounds. The tickets are displayed on the temple.

Additionally, the balls are displayed right below them after you click the “Play” button. You also have the option to trigger the auto-play feature. You can do so for a maximum of 100 rounds. You can also set the bet amount per ticket and adjust the game's speed.


The minimum amount you can bet is $0.5 while the maximum betting amount is $10. The many winning patterns are displayed in the upper part of the screen. The best prize you can win is the jackpot which pays off 5,000x the ticket.

You can also trigger an interesting bonus game. In this game, you’ll have to choose a Maneki-Neko from a shelf. Making the right choice will give you a prize. On the other hand, you’ll get an exit message. You can win up to 1,450x per bet and 400x during the bonus round.


This Pachinko variant by Microgaming is amazing. Not only does it let you enjoy the classic game but it adds some extra features as well. Thanks to the Wild and Free Balls you’ll have a better chance of getting a winning pattern.

Moreover, you can get a Bonus Round and if you’re lucky enough an amazing jackpot. This is all coupled with an interesting design which adds to the amazing atmosphere. All in all, Pachinko is worth a try so make sure to check it out.

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