Five-Card Stud Poker Review

Five-Card Stud Poker Image

Five-Card Stud is one of the rare forms of poker offered by the developer on their Microgaming poker network. The game can be played with up to 10 other players at the table, meaning it is not played against the casino as with standard variations offered by developer. Players will have the opportunity to play the game with standard rules and player in the same betting range as various table limits are available. This means you wouldn't need to play against a player with a massive bankroll as only a certain amount can be deposited in a table. Microgaming offers the game in sit n go and tournament options, giving players huge reward and gaming opportunities.

The game is easy to understand and get used to as Microgaming has made it as easy to play as you would expect in a land-based casino. In fact, it’s actually easier as developer has included various options and settings to assist with the game and help players understand the rules with the menu presented. The game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, meaning no jokers are included. Microgaming has added a random number generator, making each hand unique and random for fair winning opportunities.

Developer has kept to the standard rules of the game, which includes the ranking of each hand. This information will be available on the menu tab, which lists each hand according to its value. However, any knowledge of poker will be an advantage in the game, especially when it comes to how it works. Players are not playing against the house, meaning there are no qualifying hands required. This is a simple game that rewards the best hand among the players around the table.

How to Play Five-Card Stud

Five-Card Stud is an exciting game as there are many activities throughout the game and what it provides. The game will begin with a small and big blind being paid. The dealer then shall deal 2 cards to each player, 1 face down, and another face-up. The face-up cards will be seen by all players, which will determine who the first player to bet is. Players can call, fold, or raise the bet in each round, which needs to be met by other players for the round to continue.

Once this has been met, the dealer will offer another card to each player and betting will once again begin. This series will continue for 4 rounds, during which the bet will be increased, or players can call or fold. Once the 4th round has been played, all player cards will be shown, and a winner will be selected according to the value of their hands.

All the bets are added to a pot, which will be rewarded to the player with the highest winning hand. The pot will only be split if 2 or more players win with the strongest hand. All the cash collected from the game will be rewarded to the player.