Blaze Poker Review

Blaze Poker Image

Microgaming is one of the very first developers to offer network poker online. They have also managed to create more variations of the game to make things more exciting and enjoyable. Players have the ability to enjoy all types of poker with Microgaming, including one of their latest variations called Blaze Poker. This is by far one of the best variation of speed poker that works well and keeps you in the game. With Blaze Poker you will have the ability to enjoy more poker, while still having all the options and features available from the standard game. Players can take advantage of a fast paced Hold’em poker variation, which is the most common form of poker and definitely the most loved.

The impressive part about the new Microgaming Blaze Poker variation is that the game is not only fast, but it will add you to other tables when you fold a hand or win. This will ensure you never need to wait for other players to finish the round, making it a lot more exciting as your poker experience with continuously play. The software works amazingly fast and offers all players a gaming experience like nothing else. Not only is the game fast in regards to how fast players react, but with the no wasting time between games, you will get to play a more rapid game and really put your skills to the test.

As mentioned, the game is available in Hold’em, but players can also enjoy other variations of poker with the same Blaze option. Developer has ensured all variations use standard rules and hands are ranked accordingly. This means no new regulations are applied to the game, and all standard options and features will be available.

The betting panel at the bottom of your screen will always offer options that can be selected before it’s your turn, making the game even faster. Should you fold, the network will add you to another game that is just starting. Players have the option to remain on the same table, but will then need to wait for other players to finish in case of folding. Multiple screens can be opened as well, which once again increases your game speed and just how many hands are played.

How to Play Blaze Poker

Blaze Poker is played in exactly the same way as regular poker when it comes to betting and how the game works. This means each round starts with a small and big blind and players are dealt 2 cards if playing Hold’em.

However, the game does not allow much time to consider a bet or to wait and see how things turn out. Players can call, raise, fold, or check with each round, but it’s best to decide your next step before it's your turn. The payouts are also the same as standard network poker, meaning all the bets from players around the table will go into the pot, and the winner will take all.