Texas Hold’em Poker Review

Texas Hold’em Poker Image

Microgaming is known as one of the very best developers in the world. The developer has managed to create multiple games since the mid 90’s, which includes a full selection of table games. Among these games, players will find the all popular Texas Hold’em, which is a world famous card game played with other players or against the casino, such as this variation of Microgaming. Players will be able to enjoy a fantastic game with fair winnings thanks to the random number generator, ensuring each hand is random and unique.

About Microgaming Texas Hold’em

Developer has ensured their virtual Hold’em game is as realistic as possible by offering 3D graphics and realistic table. The game includes all the standard rules as well, meaning standard hand rankings are used to determine winners. Players will have the ability to see the rankings in the options menu that will also include the rewards for the side bet option.

Microgaming has also created additional variations of the game, including triple action Hold’em. This variation is also consisting of the same rules but includes additional side bet options. These will also reward for a hand above pair aces, which could range up to 100:1 for a royal flush.

How to Play Texas Hold’em Poker

To play Microgaming Hold’em, you can sign into the casino using a mobile device or with instant play on PC. Both games offer the same graphics and features, meaning you get to experience the full game no matter how you play.

Once you’ve joined the table, choose a bet amount on the left. Players will see a golden arrow after the $25.00 chip that will provide more bet values to choose from. Once a chip has been selected, players can place the chip in as many Ante bet options as the table offers. Hit the deal button once you are ready to play. The game is not timed, allowing you to take your time and play when you are ready.

The dealer will provide 2 cards to each player hand, and 2 face down cards to the house. The first 3 centre cards will also be dealt. Once all the cards are shown, a call button or hold will be presented for each hand. Pressing the call button will double the Ante bet and place it in the call section. Fold means you will lose your Ante bet, and that hand will not play for the rest of the round.

The dealer will present the last 2 centre cards and show the house cards. Hands will be compared, and winnings will be added to your account instantly for each winning hand.