Multi-Wheel Roulette Review

Multi-Wheel Roulette Image

Multi-Wheel Roulette from Microgaming is a European variation of the game with multiple winning opportunities in every round. The multi-wheel feature allows up to 8 roulette wheels to be played at the same time and thereby allowing players to have a much better chance of winning.

The wheels are displayed above the table, and Microgaming has made it convenient as only one table is displayed. This means you can place bets and enjoy winnings with up to 8 tables at a time. The game provides the option to choose the number of tables you play per round, but as you can imagine, the more tables that are played, the better your opportunities.

How it Works

Once the Multi-Wheel Roulette has loaded, players will find eight wheels at the top of the screen along with the standard European table and bet options, chip values and other game setting at the bottom. Chip values starting from $1.00 to $50.00 can be selected to play and all betting options are included.

Once the wager has been placed, and players have selected the number of wheels they would like to play, the game will begin. All tables will spin at the same time and highlight the winning numbers on each individual at the same time to make viewing of results easier. Players will also be able to play the standard game by only wagering on a single wheel. Microgaming has ensured all the options available offer each player a unique roulette experience.

The game has the same rules as the standard version, in so far as there is nothing different to understand regarding the game itself. Unfortunately there is not a racetrack shown due to track betting being somewhat difficult with eight games at the same time.

Multi-Wheel Roulette Layout

Microgaming has included their best designed, which can also be found with their standard European roulette tables. Players will find 3D graphics with each chip and a side view of the actual table. Each of the eight wheels appears above it in different colours of high-quality wood finishes. All wheels spin at the same time and provide a clear indication of each winning number on the actual reel.

The game displayed winnings clearly and keeps the winning numbers in place until the player chooses to play the next round. Re-bet options are available, which can be edited, meaning you can re-bet and change small required parts of your strategy with starting over.

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