Multifire Roulette Review

Multifire Roulette Image

With Multifire Roulette Microgaming takes roulette to the next level. With a simplistic yet a sophisticated design, this title will give you the ultimate roulette experience. Although the game follows the rules of European Roulette it comes with an extra feature. So, what is it?

You can think of this game as European Roulette with a twist. The twist comes every round when 1 to 5 numbers are randomly selected. These numbers get a random multiplier between 50x and 500x of the stake. In other words, if you bet on such a number you’d get a multiplied win.

Multifire Roulette Features

Multifire Roulette has the same features as European Roulette. There’s a table that features numbers 0 to 36 which are divided into red and black tiles. Naturally, the zero comes in green. You can place a variety of bets including Straight Up, Split, Street, Square, Line, Column, Dozen, Even Money bets, and more.

Once you place the bets, you click the spin button and you’ll see the roulette wheel in front of you. Once it’s done spinning you’ll see if you’ve won or lost your bets. Moreover, you’ll see if you’ve hit any of the Multifire numbers displayed.


The game’s design is amazing. It features a spacious Microgaming's roulette table that will fit all your bets. You also have the option to give it a Racetrack look. The bet amount comes in the shape of a chip. Just click it to set your desired amount.

You can set your favorite bets and access them whenever you want. If you want to you can undo a bet or reset it. Also, you have the option to put bets on 3 random numbers. Naturally, you have the option to spin regularly, turn on the auto-play or try out the Turbo Mode. You also have the option to skip the roulette wheel animation.


The smallest amount you can bet is $0.25 and the biggest amount is $1,000. When it comes to the payouts the Straight Up bet pays the most. The rate for that one is 29:1 for the minimum bet and 499:1 for the maximum bet.

The Split bet pays 17:1, the Street one pays 11:1, the Square bet pays 8:1, the Line bet pays 5:1, the Column and Dozen bets pay 2:1. Finally, the Even Money bet pays 1:1. If you need more information you can always look at the paytable.


Multifire Roulette is an amazing game. You only need to follow the basic rules for European Roulette to enjoy this game. That’s why it’s ideal for newcomers and professional players. Thanks to the simplistic design anyone can get the hang of it pretty quick.

You also have a variety of bets you can place and a good betting range. Thanks to the Multifire feature this game makes European roulette much more fun. In other words, it keeps you entertained and gives you the chance to win more than you bet.

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