Premier Roulette Review

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Premier Online Roulette is a European roulette that has been upgraded to include more features and a more exciting game experience. Players have the option to place various bets and take advantage of other features that provide stats and a well-designed racetrack for experts.

Microgaming has created an easy to use interface that provides chip values from $0.25 to $200.00 and locates this at the bottom of the screen. A top view is shown for the table itself, and wins appears in 3D above it. The developer has included amazing detail into the wheel as it almost looks real and provides clear, easy to read numbers as well as shows winning numbers once the round is over.

Players can also take advantage of additional features that provide a video zoom function, roulette wheel speed adjustments, and auto-play options. The video zoom feature allows you to zoom in on the roulette wheel and get closer to the action with every spin. Game speeds can be increased for quicker rounds or average speeds to allow a standard game experience.

Those who take advantage of playing the same number will enjoy the autoplay option as it keeps repeating the same bet and play up to 100 times. This feature can be paused or stopped at any time, allowing players to change bet totals or make changes to the original bet.

Premier Roulette Table

Microgaming has created a great view on the table and wheel as mentioned above. They have also included a racetrack on the left that offered additional betting options within. These are quick betting options that select certain number groups for players to select.

Game stats and other info are displayed on either side of the wheel, allowing players to see detailed info about the history of the current session. Players will have the option to spin a few times without placing any bet to get stats and a fairly good idea where their bets will be most profitable.

All standard betting options are available, including straight numbers, line bets, corner bets and much more. This Microgaming Roulette speeds and zoom can be adjusted to the left of the actual wheel along with colour takes that change the standard green felt to other colours.

Microgaming’s Premier Roulette is perfect for all players from beginners to high rollers. The developer provides a help section that explains the game in detail, which can be used to work out strategies or to simply learn the game as you play. Players will also be able to access a free version to try out the features before placing real cash on the table.

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