Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Review

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Image

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is a variation of European roulette from Microgaming. Players will find the game includes the most incredible graphics and finishes that are featured on both the table and roulette wheel. Microgaming has ensured users are able to choose from many options, which includes an auto-play feature along with an option where players can save individual betting strategies.

The developer has placed all the possibilities and betting amounts in easy to reach places that provide quick changes. Various coin values appear n the bottom left-hand side and offer values from $0.25 to $100.00 per chip. Players can mix the chips to get to specific values that allow strategies to become very detailed for bigger winnings. The best part is, once the strategy works for you, the game will allow you to save it and access it again later. To the left of the betting table, players will see the Save Layout option with six choices. Each of these options can be filled with a strategy including bet values and positioning.

Below the Save Layout option, players will be able to set up an auto-play feature. Once you’ve selected an approach that has been rewarding, you can choose from 5 to 100 auto-play options. The game will automatically place the bet started within each round and spin the wheel. Winnings will be added to your account, and the next round will begin automatically.

Premier Roulette Diamond Edition Table

Microgaming has created a table that represents those seen in any land-based casino. The developer has selected a green table for the game, which displays the betting options at an angle. All standard betting options are available, which allows the play to play any strategy.

Diamond Edition game speed can be adjusted for faster results, or seeing how the ball falls on the wheel above. To the right on the betting table, players can place bets on the race track. These will provide incredible rewards as per usual, but require a higher bet amount.

The game history for the current session is always displayed at the top left along with stats on the right. Players will have the option to spin a few rounds without a bet, which will provide these stats for those who want to place bets accordingly.

These are by far one fo the better roulette table to enjoy as high-quality graphics, amazing features, and bet values to suit all from low rollers to high rollers. The game is easy to play and provides accurate rewards with a random number generator. 

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