Real Auto Roulette Review

Real Auto Roulette Image

Real Auto Roulette is yet another take on roulette by Microgaming. This is a game that functions as a regular roulette game. The inspiration behind it is European Roulette whose rules this game goes by. You place your bets wait for the wheel to turn, see the outcome, and win or lose.

However, this game features video footage of an actual roulette wheel. So, after you place your bets you’ll see it turn and wait for the ball to land. Naturally, the RNG chooses the number randomly. Another interesting thing about this game is that you have a limited time to bet in.

Real Auto Roulette Features

Just like any other roulette game, you’ll have a roulette table displayed in front of you. Since it’s European roulette you’ll get numbers 0 to 36 on it. To place a bet you can simply click any of the numbers. Naturally, you can adjust the bet amount before you place the bet.

You can also put your favorite bets in the favorites and play them whenever you want. However, you won’t have a lot of time to place a bet. In other words, you’ll have only 10 seconds. That’s why you’ll need to think quickly each round.


As mentioned before, the roulette table is right in front of you. You also have the option of turning it into a racetrack variant. You can save your bets and adjust the bet amount thanks to the player’s table located below the roulette table.

Additionally, you can double your bet or undo it. You also have the option to not bet during a round. Some of the bets are displayed on the roulette table. Additionally, the roulette wheel footage makes the game more realistic. In other words, you’ll feel like you’re in a real casino.


The minimum betting amount is $0.25 whereas the maximum betting amount is $1,000. The game’s RTP rate is 97.30%. The Straight Up bet is the best paying one. It pays out 35:1. The second best is the Split bet which pays 17:1.

The Street bet pays out 11:1 whereas the Square bet pays 8:1. Moreover, the Line bet pays 5:1. The Column and Dozen bets pay out 2:1. The final one is the Even Money bet which pays out 1:1. Naturally, the prizes will be bigger or smaller depending on the amount of money you bet.


All in all, Real Auto Roulette is an interesting game. It features a simple design mixed with amazing video footage. You’ll have the option to place various bets. However, you’ll have to make quick decisions as you don’t have much time to think. That’s what makes this game more suitable for advanced players.

If you’re looking for a game that will test your skill then Real Auto Roulette is the title for you. You can look at statistics to see which bets you won and lost, to see which ones worked. Nevertheless, Real Auto Roulette is a game that will entertain you.

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