108 Heroes: Multiplier Fortunes Slot Review

108 Heroes: Multiplier Fortunes Slot Big Image

Microgaming’s 108 Heroes: Multiplier Fortunes is their attempt at offering players a modern 3 reel slot machine, something that isn’t really created that often by developers. They’ve managed to combine a good theme that this particular category hasn’t seen before, with a modern design that allows it to stand side by side with any recent 5 reel title. The game gives us 3 reels to spin and 9 pre-configured lines on which combinations may be formed. Its features consist of wilds that can appear on their own or stacked, with multipliers of up to 5x attached and capable of triggering re-spins.

Betting and Prizes

The game is going to ask you to use a wager that will cover a total of 9 active lines, since that’s how many are available each spin. The usual slot that is offered by this developer has a range that everyone can afford, so if you want to wager just $1 or $2 on it, you can do that. Bigger bets will also be a possibility though.

With certain multipliers in place, the rewards that you can expect to get from 108 Heroes can be pretty high. What matters in the end is the average RTP of the slot though, since that’s what gives you an idea on the potential of the game.

108 Heroes Slot Features

Classic slot machines are clearly not as devoid of features as they were in the past, when they were offered at brick and mortar casinos. Still, even the online games that are in this category tend to offer only a couple of boring features, which keep repeating from one game to the next, just like their themes are so often going to show fruits on their reels. 108 Heroes improves on those boring features though. In this case, we’re going to get wild symbols that can have multipliers ranging from 2x to 5x. These wild symbols can also appear stacked on reels and they can be used to form any type of combination, as long as you get the needed symbols to cover one of the lines.

Another way that the game was designed to offer something extra is through an ability that will trigger whenever the wild symbol is part of a new combination. Should that happen, after you receive your reward you will also trigger one free re-spin. The re-spin will keep the wild reel locked, while the 1st and 3rd reels will spin and bring you other symbols. This can bring you additional wins.

Theme & Design

As a theme, you will find that China has been the source of inspiration, specifically the legends of the country. One of those stories is called Shui Hu Zhuan, where 108 demonic overlords are banished, then repent for their crimes and eventually are reborn as heroes that fight to help rather than destroy. It’s a story from the 14th century, and even though you only see about four of those heroes in the logo and in some of the symbols, it’s still a good choice for a theme and a quality implementation.

One of the things that got my attention in 108 Heroes is the quality of the graphics, which are miles ahead of anything that a 3 reel slot machine from even a decade ago could’ve offered. It’s not the only one that has a gorgeous design in this category, but I’d call it one of the top 1% when it comes to its looks.


108 Heroes will be a slot machine to play if you’re into classics, especially if you don’t mind some modern features mixed in.

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