3 Tiny Gods Slot Review

3 Tiny Gods Slot Big Image

3 Tiny Gods has been in the works for a long time, and we got first news about its existence back in 2019, and the first glimpse into it was obtained during ICE 2020, where it was presented by Foxium at Microgaming’s stand. The two have partnered up for this one, and Foxium is offering the game as an exclusive on the bigger company’s platform, so Microgaming casinos are the only ones that will carry it. You will find that the game’s title is quite accurate with its description, and the main characters inside do show you three tiny Egyptian gods, around which the features are built as well.

You are looking at a funny looking design, and at a setup which seems rather typical for the category, with 5 reels getting 30 paylines. Several features will be available for you along the way, including bonus games based on Bastet and Horus, or free spins which are using Anubis for inspiration. Payouts of up to 5,000x await the player inside, in a slot machine with only Medium volatility and a 96.40% RTP.

3 Tiny Gods Betting and Prizes

Spend however much you like, the game gives you the same odds of hitting its best winning combinations. However, the closer you are to the maximum limit of $50 per spin, the better the actual value of the jackpot. Minimum wagers of just $0.10 are sufficient to spin the reels.

The Foxify option boosts the chances of certain features triggering (free spins or Mystery of Horus), but it also costs you more, adding 50% extra on top of the regular bet.

I think you will appreciate the top jackpot in this one, because landing a 5,000x prize in a slot machine whose volatility is only Medium, that’s not something that you get every day. RTP wise, the slot once again looks good, with the calculations revealing a 96.40% figure.

Slot Features

Some help will come to you in the form of a Wild symbol, which features the appropriate logo, along with Egyptian style decorations around it. Use it in combination of any of the regular symbols, and you can get a new combo formed.

Some of the features available in 3 Tiny Gods will come at random, and it’s the case for Mystery of Horus, for one. When it does trigger, this feature will add Eye symbols to up to 3 reels that are next to each other. This is a mystery feature of sorts, which turns all those icons into one regular or wild symbol, chosen at random.

Second, we’re going to get a second chance at a win via Gift of Bastet, a random feature that can only trigger after rounds where there were no combinations formed. This consists of reels moving around, which can result in combinations forming, but it is not guaranteed to be profitable.

As for the free spins, the ones called Wrath of Anubis, you trigger these via the Temple scatters, when the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels all hold them at the same time. There are 8 rounds to go through, where you always have Mystery of Horus active, plus there will be low value symbols removed from the game area with the help of Anubis.

The big payouts of this game appear to come via a bonus game, which requires that you first collect coins that show up next to symbols. The resulting feature can bring you rewards of up to 5,000x the stake.

Theme & Design

3 Tiny Gods takes advantage of our preference for small things, and makes sure that the tiny gods and characters showing up on those reels are as cute as they can be. The Ancient Egypt theme is still there, and as common as ever, but the use of top paying and feature symbols that show us a pharaoh, Cleopatra, Anubis, Horus and Bastet, will turn the game into something that’s a lot of fun.


Big top jackpots and interesting math models might help a lot with a game’s attractiveness, but there is something to be said for a good design. It shows in 3 Tiny Gods, where Foxium created a gorgeous set of main characters, and managed to turn one of the most common themes ever, into something that feels fresh.

Once you look at its jackpots, combined with only Medium volatility and a good RTP, I think you get plenty of excellent reasons to want to give this slot a shot.

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