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Independent Game Development Studio

Microgaming is giant when it comes to casino games development but they didn’t reach the top on their own. They have been working with independent game studios for some time and one of those studios is Alchemy Gaming.

As they like to say themselves, they’re alchemists who describe themselves as calculated, quirky and inventive. They use their alchemical skills to provide clients with new titles. Unfortunately, the developers’ skills in magic have only helped them create one game called Wheel of Wishes. That shouldn’t discourage anyone as more games are on the way.

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Alchemy Gaming is pretty new on the scene as it was founded in early 2019. They pride themselves on having a wealth of experience and no shortage of talent when it comes to making games. Rory Harpur is the captain of the ship that will make sure to deliver many games soon.

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Not only does the game look amazing, but it also plays that way. Smooth and uninterrupted gameplay is crucial when it comes to keeping the attention of customer and Wheel of Wishes has that feature. Since it’s a slot game it also features various symbols divided into low and high paying ones.

The former group is made up of blue clubs, a purple button, orange-red hearts, green diamonds, and red spades. These symbols reward the player 2x or3.75x of the bet currently placed only if the player gets five in a line. The latter group consists of symbols that will maximize the bet 4 to 10 times. These symbols are a treasure chest, a purple gem amulet, a set of vials, a magic lamp, and a mystical book.

Wilds symbols are also present and they could increase your bet as much as 50 times. This game plays in two modes: Default and Power mode. However, to activate the Power mode the player will have to activate the bet size by 10. This is a costly move but if you’re a high-roller you won’t back out.

After this mode is triggered the reels combine in a single wheel and the player will be rewarded with a random premium when that wheel stops. The color that the wheel stops on determines the prize the player gets. This is also visible in the jackpot bonus game. The bonuses available are the WoW, Major, Minor, and Mini. All the bonuses require a minimum bet to qualify that ranges from 10 to 2,000,000 credits.


The game has good graphics that rely on the developers’ simple but effective approach to development. The reels are at the center of the screen and the background is either a sunny day in a desert or a blue night depending on how long you play. There’s also an additional table right of the reels that has an auto-spin feature. It also lets the player control the size of bets and make adjustments to the game. The table at the bottom of the screen shows the current bet amount. Besides, this game plays well on a computer as well as smartphones.


Wheel of Wishes plays smoothly and offers interesting prizes coupled with amazing visuals. It’s a slot game that lets the players explore the sands of Arabia for some treasures and awards their skill accordingly. Both low and high-rollers will love this game as it has what it takes to suit their needs. What we can see from this slot is that the studio is dedicated to making quality games and players can expect some new and interesting titles in the future.