Alien Cash Attack Slot Review

Alien Cash Attack Slot Small Image

Alien Cash Attack is an unusual 3 reel slot machine, one that is capable of offering the player 1 line, along with some features that you will not find somewhere else. The game can pay as much as 500x the wager, which would mean up to $5,000. Its theme is not an unusual one, but I wouldn’t say you can easily find it either. It is alien invasion inspired, and you see these UFO's as they come in and shower the people of Earth with cash, stacks and stacks of the green stuff. It’s a weird looking game, but it works well enough.

Betting and Prizes

You get a single coin to use here, and the only option available to you is to change its denomination. You start at the minimum of $0.10, and from there you can increase the bet up to $10. This single coin bet will cover that one payline that you can use and it will be used for all the payouts which you will get along the way.

The slot will not actually offer you cash prizes in the base game, which is one of the unusual things about it. Instead, the bonus game is where you get paid, and the top prize will go up to $5,000 (500x).

Alien Cash Attack Slot Features

Alien Cash Attack game starts you off on a screen with humans that are looking up at green aliens that are coming in and raining cash on them. This screen has 3 reels and 1 line, and on them you can get symbols with a classic inspiration, ranging from cherries to Alien Cash Attack logos. These will give you 1 to 25 win spins when they form combinations, so at this stage you’re not getting paid.

The win spins offer you a different set of 3 reels, but with 5 lines, where the wins seem to be guaranteed. You have other symbols here, themed ones with aliens, with UFOs, ray guns, planets and black holes. These form combinations that are capable of paying up to 500x.

The base game also has Nudges, which are used to move reels one spot up or down, as needed, in order to take a symbol to the payline position. This happens only if you can get a winning combo as a result.

Theme & Design

The design in Alien Cash Attack is not going to impress anyone, but it’s funny in its own way, and definitely not typical for the classic slot machine category. The symbols of the base game do have classic inspiration (cherry, lemon, plum, Bar, 7, Bell and Logo), but the ones from the bonus game, which actually pay you, will be much more fun (aliens, planets and so on).


I believe that Alien Cash Attack is a game worth playing, if nothing else than to see how a classic game can be quirky and fun, not just boring.

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