Arthurs Gold Slot Review

Arthurs Gold Slot Big Image

King Arthur comes back to a slot machine, in Microgaming’s and Gold Coin Studios latest release. It’s called Arthur’s Gold, and in typical slot machine fashion, it promises big rewards and treasures, the sort of thing that is not commonly associated with Camelot and its knights. In a slot machine everything goes though, and we don’t need a lot of encouragement in order to go after a big prize, even if the story is suspicious.

Arthur’s Gold gives the player 5x3 reels, along with 20 lines, the sort of layout that you can expect a lot of games to have, nothing special or unique there. Payouts of up to 4,000x total stake should make this slot more interesting though, even as the volatility is considered high. Luckily, a 96.19% RTP is telling us that this game can be fair as well. As for the major features that Arthur’s Gold introduces, those give us double symbols, wilds, respins and free spins, which are all great to have.

Arthur’s Gold Betting and Prizes

The betting system is not surprising, and it’s not supposed to be that anyway. You pick the amount which activates the next round, with a range of $0.20 to $50 being available. This will change the line bet, and the range for it will be $0.01 to $2.50.

In terms of payouts which are possible in Arthur’s Gold, the developer mentions rewards of over 4,000x the round’s stake, which would mean that a jackpot of $200,000 would be on the table as an option. At the same time, this has been announced as a game which has high volatility, though with a 96.19% RTP. I do like the RTP value, but the top jackpot could’ve been higher for a slot with that level of volatility.

Slot Features

Among the things that will make Arthur’s Gold interesting, one in particular that’s worth mentioning is the use of both single and double symbols. It’s not a new mechanic, but it’s still fairly rare. When you are using low value symbols, you’re forming winning combinations in the usual way, with 3 to 5 symbols present on the same line, left to right.

When high value symbols are involved, they can show up in both single and double variants. For example, you can get two Arthur characters in a single symbol. For those symbols, the game counts the number of times a character appears on a line, and then forms a combo accordingly. The best result is when you get five double symbols, since you get a combo that pays like it had 10 high value positions in it. The symbols which can show up in double form are Arthur, Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot and Viviane.

The regular Wild symbol, with a logo, a shield and crossed swords showing, will be capable of great things. Not only does this symbol form combinations by itself, and pays up to 500x the stake on each line where this happens, but it also acts as a substitute. As a replacement, when combined with high value icons, it counts as a double symbol. A special version for it exists during the free spins.

Via 3 to 5 treasure chests that appear at random on the reels, the game gives you access to 10 free spins, and also pays up to 10x the stake. In this mode, you get an additional wild, which can expand to cover one of the middle three reels, the only ones where it can show up. Once they land there, the wilds expand and become sticky, for 1 re-spin. Additional wilds can appear and give you more re-spins, up to 3 such rounds possible in total for each free spin where this happens.

Theme & Design

Theme wise, there is nothing too interesting here. It’s the same story of King Arthur, one of the main characters, along with Merlin, Lancelot, Guinevere and Viviane. The less valuable symbols are going to take the form of the four top Royals (J to A). You add the Wild Shield, the scattered Treasure Chest, and that’s about it. One of the things that are a bit more interesting, is the use of single and double symbols when it comes to the regular high value positions. Otherwise, the design style is somewhat simple, but not unpleasant.


Arthur’s Gold will give the player a good mix of features, big enough rewards, along with a higher volatility that will make it less popular among players. Those willing to risk more, can get a jackpot of up to 4,000x, which is not bad, but not impressive either, especially if you compare the offer with that of the competition.

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