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Astronomical is one of the many Microgaming classic slot machines which are offered these days, using mostly classic icons on its reels, but managing to include a single icon that pays better and also has the role of a wild. It’s a very common recipe among slot developers, and few manage to give you more than that. The theme in this case is related to astronomy, so you will see a planet with a ring around it in the main role. The game has 3 reels otherwise, with 1 payline and with a jackpot of 8,000x, which could mean $40,000.

Betting and Prizes

The 3 coins which you have the right to use in Astronomical will have varying values, starting at $0.25 and being able to go up to $5. Should all three coins be used at the highest denomination, you will spend up to $15 per spin.

The better payouts require that you use all 3 coins in your bets, since 8,000 coins can be won this way. The value would be up to $40,000. If you use 2 coins, you get up to $20,000, so only half the money for one third less wagered. With 1 coin, the reward is at $10,000.

Astronomical Slot Features

Just one feature was introduced in video slot Astronomical, but the developers made sure that it looks appealing. It’s a wild symbol, the only one to sport an image with a theme connection since it has the game logo. Having three of these on the payline will get you the top jackpot, of up to 8,000 coins.

Should only one wild appear on the line, it can substitute for a symbol that you’re missing, and it will also double the prize of that combination. With two wilds on the line, the multiplier is at 4x if the combination forms.

Theme & Design

You have an image with the night’s sky in the background image, black and full of stars. In front, there is the set of reels in the top left corner, the logo on the left, plus the paytable on the right half of the screen. The symbols chosen for Astronomical game start well, with a logo and a planet, but continue with the three Bar symbols and with a cherry.


As classic slot machines go, having one inspired by astronomy is not a bad idea. I just wish they did even better with its features and graphics, since so many other titles offer the same quality and options. The payouts do look somewhat better than average though.