Attack on Retro Slot Review

Attack on Retro Slot Big Image

Designed by Triple Edge Studios, and exclusive to Microgaming casinos, Attack on Retro is both a game about the future, and about the way it’s been imagined in the past. The retro part of it is obvious, it’s enough to look at its neon-style graphics and hoverboards, but there is more to it than that.

What you get gameplay wise, is a slot machine with 5x3 reels, which uses 10 paylines. There are excellent top payouts to take home, even up to 5,000x the stake being available in its best rounds. Paid re-spins, scatters, free spins, wilds and multipliers, these are some of the major features that the game introduces. Otherwise, it has a high volatility and the RTP set to 95.58%.

Betting and Prizes

You are going to spin the reels in Attack on Retro by using a wager of $0.10 or higher, with the maximum bet available getting to $20.

The top jackpot in Attack on Retro is on the high side, as it mentions that it’s capable of paying up to 5,000x the stake back. It’s a common payout level these days, as high volatility games are in fashion, but it’s not a typical jackpot for Microgaming, so this slot will definitely get attention from their players. RTP has been announced for a 95.58% that doesn’t sound great, but with the Hyperspins mode on, it is expected to reach 96.08%.

Attack on Retro Slot Features

Among the special options which are listed for Attack on Retro, I’d mention the fact that it uses paid re-spins, or Hyperspins as they’re called here. These are common for several of Microgaming’s slots over the years. They use special buttons at the bottom of the reels, along with an amount that’s mentioned there. If you pay that amount, the reel in question can go through a re-spin, while the other four are locked. This can get you a symbol that you’re missing, and it could result in a 5-symbol win.

Two types of wilds are part of the game, each one with a different main character as its image. The wilds land on the reels and have 1 to 3 symbols, so they can be stacked. When not substituting, they may be used for their own wins, and they pay as much as 100x the round’s stake at that point.

A very common feature, but nonetheless appreciated, the free spins will trigger via their own scatter symbols. The Free Spins logo is used for this symbol, so it’s easy to spot when it appears in view. You get your choice of the number of spins that will trigger, and the multiplier that will apply to the wins results from that. You can have 2 free spins where multiplier is at 5x, 5 rounds with 2x multipliers, or 10 free spins with the basic 1x multiplier. The first and last reels will have sticky wilds on them.

At times, you may also get a feature with random wilds to trigger. It adds as many as 15 additional wilds on the reels, but that’s for the paid spins. The free spins get at most 9, while re-spins get up to 3 wilds.

Theme & Design

The way the future was seen just a couple of decades ago, with neon-style graphics everywhere, with hoverboards, electric keyboard guitars, neon boomboxes, robotic hands, is how Attack on Retro was designed. You have a couple of characters on the reels as well, such as Billy (a cyborg with an artificial hand) and Jesse.


Attack on Retro is a retro game with a focus on the future, a slot with excellent rewards, good features and graphics, overall a pretty good option for most.

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