Augustus Slot Review

Augustus Slot Big Image

Among the many new slots that Microgaming is planning to release exclusively on their platform, we find this Neon Valley Studios title as well, which is called Augustus. The inspiration in its case is not that hard to guess, with graphics clearly being based on Ancient Rome and one of its better known and effective emperors (Augustus ruled between 27 BC and 14 AD). It’s not just a game which borrows from history though, and you will find that it offers a decent enough mix of features, without really innovating.

20 paylines are present in the game, on a setup with 5x3 reels. You will get both regular wilds and wild reels, along with scatters and free spins. Winning appears to bring as much as 1,000x the stake (or $200,000 cash) in a single spin, which should be enough for a game of this type. The fact that it has only medium volatility is one of its advantages, since it could appeal to more players. Another good news is that the RTP is OK, at 96.14%.

Augustus Betting and Prizes

While the game’s maximum bet can get to as much as $200, which would send $10 to each line, there are lower options for you to choose from as well. In fact, the minimum bet is only $0.20, so pretty much everyone can afford to try it out.

1,000x the round’s stake is a decent payout for a slot machine, but for that to happen, you need the Wild symbols taking over all the reels. It’s not an impossible task, particularly since you can have multiple wild reels in view at the same time. Cash wise, it could get you $200,000 in a single spin, but you would have to spend $200 on that particular round first.

Medium volatility has been advertised in its case, which is good news, particularly since its payouts are not very high. It means that you don’t risk to lose everything in a short amount of time, but the rewards can’t be great either.

Over the game’s entire life, it’s expected for it to have a return of 96.14%, which is good enough.

Slot Features

Regular wilds are there to help you, typically as replacements which can contribute to one win or another, depending on the payline where they are present.

Wild Reels can be present as well, but for those you need to either be in free spins mode, or you have to collect Augustus Gold Coins when they show up on the reels, two being required during the same spin and on the same reel. If that happens, the reel in question is turned into a full wild, to be used for the next couple of rounds.

Should scatter symbols, shown as Flags here, appear three times or more in a single spin, the game will give you access to a free spins feature. Initially, there is a screen with a choice, where you can have 1 to 3 wild reels active for the duration of the feature. Depending on the number of wild reels you want, you might get only 2 free spins out of it (for 3 wild reels).

Theme & Design

We’re being taken back to Ancient Rome, and we get to enjoy the views thanks to the background image (beautiful temples, huge and made out or marble), but also the symbols which show up on the reels. Among those, stacked Augustus and Praetorian icons are present, along with goblets with wine, but also the feature symbols (flag and wild logo). The lesser positions get the common Royals.

I think you will find this one enjoyable enough, it’s not a bad looking game, though neither is it a top choice these days.


Thanks to the Augustus slot’s free spins and the wild reels that will show up there, the potential can be great, but first you have to decide to go for the higher volatility options. Luckily, the game gives different types of free spins for you to choose from, so both casual and experienced players have options appropriate for their style.

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