Bearly Fishing Slot Review

Bearly Fishing Slot Small Image

Bearly Fishing is a fishing themed slot, but at the same time it also features a family of bears in the main role, acting as the fishermen. It’s the typical story, of a family that goes on a camping trip, where they do a little bit of fishing and they enjoy themselves, having some quality family time. The main actors are a papa bear and a bear cub. The slot machine was designed by Microgaming’s developers, which added to it wild symbols, a bonus game and a scatter. You can wager on the slot’s 25 lines, while hoping to win the top prize of up to $12,000.

Betting and Prizes

You can use a maximum of 500 coins in Bearly Fishing, where up to 25 lines are active and each one can have 1 to 20 coins used on it. Since the value of a coin goes only from $0.01 to $0.10, the line bet is at $2, and the total bet can be at $50. It’s not a very expensive slot to play, even at the maximum wager.

The slot’s 6,000x prize is offered through the Papa Bear icon, which will reward you with up to 120,000 coins. Unfortunately, the value for so many coins goes only up to $12,000 cash.

Bearly Fishing Slot Features

The list of features starts with a symbol that shows us Papa Bear, as he’s posing with a big fish that he just caught. As the wild symbol, you can count on it to appear on the reels and to be useful to any combination that has the rest of the required symbols in place on the same paylines as it is. It can offer you its own prizes directly, but for that to happen the requirement is for up to five wilds to form their own combo. A 6,000x prize is offered for the maximum of five wilds.

The second feature symbol shows you a Fishing Basket, which has a small net next to it. Used as a scatter, it’s not very important where this symbol appears, as long as there are two or more in place. That’s the requirement to get a prize from this symbol, to have between 2 and 5 of them present. The payouts can reach 100 times the bet value.

3 or more Fishing Baskets can also bring you access to a feature where you see Baby Bear doing some fishing in a stream. This small feature lets you get a multiplier, for the 15 free spins that will begin immediately after it.

Theme & Design

As long as you only look at the images which are interesting, the game should be an good choice, especially since the theme has its own unique angle, and it’s not very common. Bearly Fishing developers did make one mistake here though, and that’s the inclusion of the poker card letters and numbers, which are very regular and don’t seem to have any connection to the bear or fishing theme.


Bearly Fishing can be a relaxing game to play, which offers some good features and prizes, and which has decent graphics as well, though that’s one area where it could be improved.

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