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Beautiful Bones is a game that is at the same time beautiful and slightly disturbing. The action inside this game revolves around people that have skulls painted on their faces. According to Microgaming, this is a tradition that the ancient Aztecs had, and they’re bringing it back with this slot. The action doesn’t actually take place during the times of the Aztecs, so the characters end up looking a bit like carnival participants. The game gets 5 reels, has for you 243 ways to win and can pay quite well, especially if its features get involved, since multipliers are possible during free spins. Scatters and wild symbols are also present, along with the option to Spin Again in certain situations.

Betting and Prizes

The game gives you 243 ways to win, and then asks of you to bet on regular lines. To make betting easier, it just pretends to have 25 active lines, always the same number. You only get the option to modify the number of coins, their value, or both, to get to the wager that you want to use. The minimum bet in a game like this starts from $0.25.

The slot’s regular payouts shouldn’t get to huge values on their own, especially since there are ways to get multipliers of up to 5x during the free spins. Overall though, I’d expect a fairly high average Return to Player from this game, as most slots from Microgaming offer these days.

Beautiful Bones Slot Features

Wild symbols can appear on the reels on their own, or through the Spin Again feature, where regular symbols are transformed into this feature and then kept locked for the next spin. Wild symbols are used in games as substitutes, the same in this game as in every other title that has them.

The scatters of the game are the Sugar Skulls, which are the only ones that actually show you the real thing, and are not painted on a face. When you get these, you can collect them on the left side of the screen. There are three levels that you can reach by collecting the Sugar Skull scatters. Once you reach a new level, you get the option to either trigger the free spins, or to collect more in order to get more of them and with higher multipliers.

The free possible levels, for which you are collecting the Skulls, will give you 10 spins with 3x multipliers, 15 spins with 4x multipliers, or 18 spins with 5x multipliers.

Theme & Design

The theme is quite unique, and I for one haven’t seen it covered in other slot machines. Microgaming says that it is based on the ancient Aztec tradition, of painting skulls on people’s faces. They turned beautiful women and guitar singers into people with elaborate skulls painted on them. At the same time, the game has a certain South American feel to it, showing you characters that would normally be mariachi singers or beautiful female dancers.


Beautiful Bones gives the player a great design, an unusual yet fun theme, along with features that could prove to be very profitable. All in all, it looks like a great new title from Microgaming.