Bob's Bowling Bonanza Slot Review

Bob's Bowling Bonanza Slot Small Image

Bob’s Bowling Bonanza is a game that is offered by Microgaming, a slot machine that gives its player a theme that many could get onboard with, being based on bowling, one of the most common ways of having fun that we have at our disposal these days. The game gives you wild symbols, bonus games, scatters, and if you use the maximum bet on its 30 lines, then you can also hope to walk away with a prize worth up to $25,000.

Betting and Prizes

The slot has a total of 30 lines, and it allows you to use a very large number of coins on each one. You can have as many as 20 coins per line, with an individual value which doesn’t go over $0.25. That means a $5 line bet is the most you can have, and a total of $150 can be part of the maximum bet.

If you look at the paytable, you will find a 5,000x reward that is mentioned there, in exchange for a five symbol combo which has Bob as its hero. It could mean 100,000 coins for you, but the cash value would be at most $25,000.

Bob's Bowling Bonanza Slot Features

The Bowling Pins are the ones to represent the substitute, which is called a wild in most games. You use this symbol from the reels 1, 3 and 5, when it appears there, and if it’s present on a line where matching regular symbols are also present, then you might get a winning combo thanks to it.

Having all three wilds on the reels on which they are allowed, will result in the start of a feature called The Perfect Game, which is actually inspired by bowling and includes this game in its action.

The only other symbol which is used differently in this game would be the Bowling Ball, the symbol with the ability of the scatter. You simply need enough symbols to be in some random position, and you will win anywhere between 1x and 100x what you wagered that round. The scatter doesn’t seem to be a trigger for anything else, that role being given to the wild in this case.

Theme & Design

I found Bowling Bonanza theme here that is not that unusual, a number of games relying on the same type of theme. The bowling aspect is seen in about half of the symbols which are used, the ones with images of bowlers, pins, trophies, bowling balls and shoes. The rest of the symbols get poker letters. The entire design benefits from the same cartoon style, which is a bit funny looking.


I think that Bob’s Bowling Bonanza slot could be an entertaining game for those of you that enjoy a nice bowling action from time to time. It has the graphics that would allow you to enjoy it, it can pay moderately well and its features are at least average.

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