Bulls Eye Slot Review

Bulls Eye Slot Small Image

Bulls Eye is a classic slot machine that is based on the game of darts, hence the choice of title. You have a pretty regular classic title in a lot of ways, starting with some of the symbols which are on the paytable, and continuing even with some features. There are also some unusual options besides the usual wilds with multipliers, the slot offering a bonus game in certain conditions. You will get 3 reels, 1 line and you will be able to win a prize of $5,000.

Betting and Prizes

There are some options which you have in this game, and others that you don’t. For the former, I would mention the option to change the number of coins which are used, between 1 and 3 being the range you’re working with. For the latter, the coin denomination is always fixed at $1, so you can bet $1, $2 or $3 per spin, no more, no less.

The value of the reward you can get depends on the bet you’re making each round. With a 3 coin bet, you can hope for the best prize, and you can also get the bonus game. The best prize is going to return 5,000 coins to you, worth $5,000.

Bulls Eye Slot Features

The more regular feature of Bulls Eye is the one with the wild ability. The wild symbol, showing you the guy throwing darts, is a substitute for others, and it is also the one that can form a combo and pay you the biggest prize. It pays when you have three matching wilds on the payline, while the rest of the time it acts as a replacement symbol.

One wild in a combo with two matching regular icons will pay you 2x the usual payout. Should two wilds be on a line with one regular symbol, the payout is multiplied with 4x.

Finally, the slot has a special feature to give away, but only to players that have used 3 coins that round in their bet. The reward will come from a Dartboard symbol appearing on the 3rd reel. The Bulls Eye Bonus starts, giving you a chance at some additional payouts.

Theme & Design

It’s a pleasant enough design, despite the classic influence which is clear here. You have only two themed symbols, with the Darts Player and the Dartboard, the rest being cherries and the Bar symbols. The difference comes from the color of the reels as well, since they come in a light blue here, while in every other 3 reel slot they will be white and simple.


Bulls Eye online slot will be a decent game to play if you’re into a game of darts once in a while. It even has a bonus game, something that you definitely don’t expect to see in a classic title.

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