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Cash Crazy is a very typical slot machine in a lot of ways, but at least Microgaming made sure to include an unusual theme in it, so there is something to look forward to. The theme is still cash based, as so many are these days, but the focus is on a crazy scientist that’s making money with the help of a machine. You see it in the background, steam based and spewing out gold coins and green bills. Otherwise, you will find this to be the usual 3 reel slot machine, which has 1 line and which can pay at most $8,000. There is a feature as well though, a wild with multipliers attached.

Betting and Prizes

1 or 2 coins, that’s the only option when you’re using the betting system and you try to decide how high you want to go. You also get the option to modify the value of the coins, though the range is only from $0.25 to $5. Given the values that you work with, expect to be able to spend $10 each time you spin the reels.

You don’t get a bonus if you bet with 2 coins instead of 1, the reward is still at 800 coins per coin wagered. With 2 coins in the bet, the jackpot gives you 1,600 coins, valued at $8,000.

Cash Crazy Slot Features

The only feature which is mentioned in the game is based on a wild symbol, the most common option that a slot machine will give you. We’re lucky to get a multiplier as well from it, as you will find out below.

Depending on how many wilds are on a line, the outcome can differ. The ideal situation requires three wild symbols together, which will form a combo that pays the jackpot, mentioned above.

With a single wild symbol on the payline, to which the game adds two matching regular symbols, you can get a regular prize which is multiplied by 2x. Should two wilds do that, form a combo with a third regular symbol, the payout will be multiplied by both, for a total of 4x the usual amount.

Theme & Design

The Cash Crazy slot theme is quite unique, and it revolves around some sort of steam machine that will make money for the greedy scientist. You see this Scientist fellow in the main symbol, the wild, and he is responsible for awarding the big prize to you. The rest of the symbols are classics, including a Green 7, Yellow 3 Bar, Purple 2 Bar, Cherries and Red 1 Bar. It’s a decent look, at least if we go by what we can usually expect from these classic slots.


Cash Crazy is playable, but mostly if you’re into its theme. Expect a classic slot like any other if you’re only interested in the features and prizes which are available inside.