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Cash n Curry slot belongs to a special category, being a 3 reel slot machine that has a very special set of features. Microgaming has an entire collection of such slot machines, usually quite similar in the way they play, but with different graphics. For this game, they’ve prepared a spicy dish themed design, with curry based foods which you would serve in an Indian restaurant. You have a main character and a customer that can’t stand the heat, and even uses beer to cool himself in the main feature. The game has those special features, plus some nudges. It’s a 3 reel game, which sports 1 line and pays $5,000.

Betting and Prizes

All games of this type will have the same betting system, with a single coin that you use and can’t change. You can only modify the value of that coin, the maximum being at $10, while the minimum is at $0.10.

A combo of three Ruby Rings gets you the best prize in the base game, and it’s at 500x. You get $5,000 from those 500 coins, if you had the maximum coin value that round.

Cash n Curry Slot Features

The game is far from typical for a classic title, using nudges and bonus games, but without wilds or scatters. The nudges are used by the game to nudge into place symbols which are seen below or above the line, but which aren’t in place for the combo to form. You can get a combination formed with their help, if you have the rest of the symbols already.

As for the bonus game, you trigger it with the Red, Green and Yellow Curry dishes. You need them to appear in a row, three of them and either in diagonal, vertically or horizontally. When you get them in this way, the feature starts.

It’s a trail feature, a board game of sorts, where you start from one corner, and you advance on the board, triggering various bonus features where you eat spicy food and bread, you drink beer to cool down and you even take breaks. The idea is to reach the end spot, called Curry Go-Round, but you get payouts even along the way. The prizes can go up to 500x, or they can give you the Super Jackpot.

Theme & Design

The graphics aren’t that good, but for a classic title there is a lot going on next to the reels. You have nudges on the left, a paytable at the bottom and the trail information and logo on the left side of the screen. Cash n Curry game shouldn’t be difficult to enjoy, the graphics shouldn’t be a problem at least.


These surprising little games which Microgaming offers are incredibly fun, but you need the bonus game to get the most out of it.