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CashOccino is a game designed with the coffee aficionado in mind. If you love your morning Starbucks coffee, or any other brand, you will probably enjoy the idea of this slot machine. You might not be as excited about the actual implementation of the theme though. There are mocha colored poker letters in there, along with various emblems which are supposed to represent different coffee drinks and coffee houses (imaginary ones). The slot will have for you a scatter symbol, free spins and wilds, which you can get by playing on its 30 lines. You can also hope to win a prize of $10,000 or less.

Betting and Prizes

Though the coin value doesn’t amount to much, going only from $0.01 to $0.05, you are allowed to have as many as 20 coins for each line bet. What this gets you is a $1 line bet, while the maximum value would be at $30 per spin. An extra bet option is included, which adds an additional 150% to the original amount.

The prize of CashOccino slot is surprisingly good, giving back 10,000x, which would mean as many as 200,000 coins. The coin value is low though, so $10,000 is the biggest prize you can get normally. A 3x multiplier from the free spins can triple that amount though.

CashOccino Slot Features

The wild symbol is used to substitute for all symbols, as long as they don’t have scatter powers. For this symbol, Microgaming chose a logo that represents a coffee cup, colored in red and white. When it’s not used as a substitute, it might be because there are enough wilds on the same line and aligned, which would bring you a prize that can go as high as 10,000x.

One other symbol is used, a Gold Coin marked Scatter, which makes its role in this game pretty obvious. These symbols are used based on their total number, the position being ignored completely. 3 to 5 scatters brings you 15 free spins normally. However, if you’ve used the Extra Bet, then you get twice as many free spins, 30 rounds triggering at that point.

If you manage to retrigger the free spins when the extra bet is used, then you get another set of 30 free spins, but with a 3x multiplier to help out. If only two scatters appear, you get one free spins with that 3x multiplier. Retriggering free spins which were triggered without the extra bet will bring you another set of regular free spins, no multipliers.

Theme & Design

It’s an unusual looking game, which you get immediately that it’s coffee themed, but which doesn’t look that great. Symbols give you logos which say things like Coffee Latte and have a lion and a crown, or an Espresso which shows you a recipient in which you make the coffee. There are also things like Mocha Swiss and Bella Roma, other logos which look good. The poker letters are done in a Mocha like color, various shades of brown being used.


A coffee enthusiast might enjoy it, but the game could’ve been done better. The features are the ones that look OK as they are, along with the jackpot.