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Chavin It Large is a classic release from Microgaming, of a game that follows the adventures of a chavette, a girl that belongs to a certain category in the eyes of the British. They are called chavs and chavettes, the names being considered derogatory. The typical chavette will be loud, will wear fake designer clothes and will be rather brash. It’s no term of endearment, yet Microgaming chose to create a slot machine based on it, featuring a main character and all sorts of objects that might belong to her. The features consist of a very elaborate bonus game, and of nudges. This is a 3 reels layout, sporting 1 line and offering a $1,000 prize in the base game, or $2,500 in the bonus.

Betting and Prizes

You only get one coin with which you can play, but at least you will have the possibility to modify the wager value. The minimum value is at $0.10, while the maximum can be set to $10. The coin value will also be the total bet for that round.

The big reward in the Chavin it Large base game is not impressive, getting up to 100x for the right three symbols, which would mean at best $1,000. The lucky thing is that the feature can pay up to 250x, which would mean $2,500.

Chavin it Large Slot Features

Look to the left side of the screen, and you will notice the Nudges, an area which tells you how many times you can nudge reels into place, so that certain symbols can be moved to the payline, resulting in new combinations when the rest of the symbols for them are present already.

To get access to the bonus game, which is called the Chavistocracy feature, you need to win three times in a row, in each case the symbols from the combo being Trainers. There are three types of Trainer symbols present, so that shouldn’t be a huge problem, but they are the ones with bigger payouts, so I’d imagine they don’t come up as often as the others. The feature gives you a prize at random, one of the seven values mentioned in the new screen. It is worth anywhere between 25x and 250x the bet, and you can even get a chance to repeat your win.

The bonus game trigger shows you the house of some rich guy, with security agents in place, with lions on the gate’s pillars and with a stretch limo waiting for our chavette.

Theme & Design

Since the inspiration came from the chav culture, don’t expect this game to be too artistic or elegant. You have symbols with trainers, caps and massive gold rings, a main character that is dressed in a pink sports outfit and the background is a mix of dark yellow and orange.


Microgaming has even better slots in this category, of 3 reel titles with generous bonus games and $10 bets. If you don’t care about the chav culture much, go for one of the others.