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Chief’s Magic, the second Native American themed classic slot machine from Microgaming, will give you some excellent graphics, but it will also lack any features. I doubt you will be a huge fan of what Chief’s Magic has to offer in the end, even though it has those pretty graphics, with images of Chieftains ready to smoke the peace pipe. The background image is the best thing about this slot machine, and where the quality is most visible, since the symbols are a mix of regular classics and a few that are themed. You have 3 reels with 1 payline, and the game can pay you $3,000.

Betting and Prizes

1, 2 or 3 coins can be used in a bet that sets the reels of Chief’s Magic in motion. I found this to be the most often used betting system for classic slot machines, and as it often happens, the coin’s value will be anywhere between $0.25 and $5. With three coins in the bet, you can wager with $15 for each round, no more.

There is a bonus when you wager with 3 coins, since you can get a top jackpot of 600 coins, while 2 coins would only get you 300 coins (half the money for two thirds of the maximum bet). A 1 coin bet pays 150 coins. If you get the 600 coins prize, its value can be $3,000 at most, since the coins have a certain value that you can work with.

Chief's Magic Slot Features

This is one of those rare games that have no features whatsoever, something that even among classic titles is not that often seen. There are no wilds or bonus games here, only symbols which form combinations on their own, without influence from anyone else.

Theme & Design

The theme of Chief’s Magic online slot is based on the Native American way of life. The focus is on the Chieftain, a proud man dressed in white, with a feather headband on his head, and holding a peace pipe by the looks of it. A view of mountains is shown further away, in the same background picture. As for the symbols which have been placed on the reels, the Chieftain’s head is shown in the one that pays the most, while the others give you a Game Logo, a simple red 7, plus the usual Bar symbols.


Chief’s Magic only argument is the quality of its design. It pays very little though, plus it has no features to improve the rate at which you get paid.