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City of Gold video slot offers a classic experience, but Microgaming has selected for it a theme that is usually seen in modern titles. It’s a popular theme as well, based on a city of gold that is supposedly left behind by some ancient South American civilization, by Mayans probably. You see that gold temple in the background picture, though there is no mention of an entire city made out of this material. As features, a wild with multipliers is offered. This is a game with 3 reels to play on, with 1 line and with a top prize which is at $8,000.

Betting and Prizes

Most classic slot machines seem to use a betting system which relies on coins that are worth between $0.25 and $5. For this particular slot machine, there are 2 coins which can be used, though a 1 coin wager is perfectly acceptable as well. You can spend a maximum of $10 for each round.

If you choose to use the maximum bet possible, expect to win up to 1,600 coins back from a single combination, and for them to have a value of $8,000. It is the prize offered in exchange for a 2 coin wager.

City of Gold Slot Features

The use of features in City of Gold is restricted to just one symbol, a wild that you may use to replace other symbols in new combinations. A combination can have three matching symbols in it, but it can also have one or two wilds thrown in, replacing some of the regulars. It’s actually a better deal to have wild symbols present, than to have only regular matching symbols, since you get multipliers as well this way.

With a single wild taking part in the formation of a new combo, you will get double the usual prize, thanks to the multiplier of 2x which it applies. Two wilds present will both use their multipliers of 2x, so the combo will pay 4x as much in that case.

There is also the situation where three wilds land and take over a payline completely. The payout is the jackpot of the slot in that case, worth 800 or 1,600 coins.

Theme & Design

We’re being shown a Mayan temple that seems to be made out of gold, and this image will be presented to us in the background picture. The City of Gold slot logo will be placed on the front side of that building.  A bowl filled with gemstones is the star of the game, the wild and the jackpot trigger. The rest are images which are considered classics, with watermelon, gold bar icons and red sevens.


City of Gold doesn’t give you anything that you can’t find in another classic slot machine, with the possible exception of that Mayan theme.