Classic Microgaming Slots

The word ‘classic’ can’t be associated with something outdated and old. Instead, it’s far more appropriate to place it in the same row of words meaning stylish and reliable. It’s a word that will never cease to stimulate interest. The same can be said about classic slot machines, and although the general idea of gambling has remained the same, there’s so much that has changed over time. Nevertheless, most of us still prefer something familiar, steady and classy and it’s the way it should be. While new generations of Microgaming slots are taking the lead in the online casino industry, the good old classical one-arm bandits still silently present themselves in today’s gambling industry.

Classic slots are known as the old-themed slot machines only consisting of 3 simple reels, but you can’t underestimate their coolness on this factor alone. Classic slots were the first generation of slot machines, the ones you could locate in brick and mortar casinos and diners where you had to insert a coin and pull a level which was an exciting experience, to say the least. Classic slot games were also the first to make their appearance online and all slot games found online today originated from these rattling and clumsy slot machines.

Old-themed classic online slots are still being launched and promoted as we speak, but come equipped with some pretty cool visual effects, modern features, and action-packed animation while the overall design received improvements as well. Classic slots online may be presented with a tumbler design when you compare them to most of their more advanced and younger siblings, but they are just as eagerly played all around the world. As classic slot machines feature an older fashionable look coupled with simplicity, they inspire a hint of nostalgia in slot enthusiasts with their recognizable lucky sevens icons, fruit symbols and traditional bars and bells.

TopMGC offers an arsenal of Microgaming classic slot games for those who enjoy the thrill and simplicity that goes hand in hand with these types of games. Many of the classic slots featured by Microgaming involves a wild symbol and even offers a bonus game to make your experience more rewarding than ever before. Microgaming’s classic slots are presented with 3 reels and up to 5 pay lines. You will also find AWP (Amusement with Prize) slots featuring several bonus games including nudge, shifta and hold bonus features to add more fun and excitement to your gameplay.

Most of the popular classic slots from the Microgaming collection are packed with some amazingly huge jackpots and whether you decide to play on a fruit-themed classic slot or wish to try something a little bit different from their classic slot range, you are sure to have a brilliant time while you spin those traditional reels into the modern age.