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Cosmic Cat will slot give the player a chance to go out in space, only instead of astronauts you’re going to notice the Cosmic Cat and a mouse that’s also dressed up in a space suit. At the very least, we can give this slot machine credit for having an original theme, even though in most ways it remains a very typical 3 reel game. The action takes place somewhere in space, and the only feature comes from the Cosmic Cat character, acting as a wild here. You can work on getting a jackpot of $5,000, while playing on this slot with 3 reels & 1 payline.

Betting and Prizes

The use of a maximum of two coins is allowed, and they will both be used for the same active line. You are allowed to change the value of those coins, the minimum being set to $0.25, while the maximum can be at $5. Should you have two coins in the bet, you can spend $10 per round.

When you place a bet of 2 coins, the best you can hope for is a jackpot which will give you back 1,000 coins. Given the denominations that you can work with, you can get up to $5,000 this way, in exchange for your $10 bet.

Cosmic Cat Slot Features

Features are not normally included in typical classic slot machines, so the wild symbol is a bonus that online slots will give you, but which shouldn’t be expected. In this game, the wild symbol’s role is taken up by the image of the Cosmic Cat, which is obviously a cat dressed up as an astronaut. It is both the wild symbol and the one to give away the biggest prize available inside.

It offers a prize when it forms a combo of three Cosmic Cats, symbols needed on the payline during the same round. Otherwise, it is used as the wild, and you get paid more often with its help. As the wild, it has the ability to replace another symbol, and be part of regular combinations.

Theme & Design

The theme and the design of Cosmic Cat casino game are actually rather interesting. They are based on the idea of a cat that goes out in space, and there is even a little mouse which does the same thing, though he looks a bit scared of the hero. The symbols will give you images of a Cat, a Mouse and three Bar symbols which are colored in green.


I found Cosmic Cat to be a rather refreshing title, at least if we go by what’s usually offered in these classic slots. It has at least a cute design, if not a beautiful one.