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Couch Potato isn’t shy about letting you know what the action inside is all about. The slot machine, which comes from Microgaming, is a very classic title, but which has a small twist if you look at the background picture. You will find the couch potato there, a play on the popular expression of something that sits too much on the couch, watching TV. You have an actual potato that’s sitting on a couch, but it’s not going to be visible in the slot’s symbols. Impressive payouts of $75,000 are on the line, along with features like wilds and 5x multipliers. The 3 reels get 1 line only.

Betting and Prizes

The betting system is the one where you have 1 line, but up to 3 coins may be used for it. You decide on the number of coins, and you also pick the coin’s value, as long as it is within the range of $0.25 to $5. With those numbers, you can probably figure out that you can spend up to $15 for one spin, using the three coins at their highest denomination.

The difference in the jackpot value is huge if you use 3 coins vs 1 or 2, so you have every reason to max out the number of coins at the very least, if not their value as well. You get 15,000 coins in the best scenario, where you use 3 coins, and they could be worth $75,000.

Couch Potato Slot Features

The Couth Potato TV is the symbol that does it all. You can count on it to get that top prize, if it lands in all three positions of the line, but it is also the wild symbol and it has generous multipliers to apply to the wins.

Get a single wild to assist you with the formation of some new combo, and you will find that its multiplier will give you 5x the usual prize of those symbols. It gets better, since with two wilds present on the payline they substitute and they apply a total multiplier of 25x, giving you much better payouts for the low paying icons.

Theme & Design

Couch Potato video slot will make you smile, and that’s no small thing since we’re talking about a 3 reel game which is a classic in a lot of ways. Its couch potato character can be seen in the logo area, eating stuff from the couch and using the remote control. The reels give you mostly classics unfortunately, and besides the logo you get icons with 7s, 7 Bar, 3 Bar, 2 Bar, 1 Bar and the cherry.


Couch Potato is funny, and has big multipliers along with huge jackpots, so there are a few good reasons to go for it and play this game.