Crocodopolis Slot Review

Crocodopolis Slot Big Image

Crocodopolis is one of those slot machines which try to bring the player something new, but at the same time they keep to a very common theme. Crocodopolis does the same thing, using an Ancient Egypt theme, one of the most popular topics ever for a slot machine, but using a crocodile like god for one of its symbols. The features also have some good potential, including something that is called Slide A Wild, along with free spins, with wilds, multipliers and scatters. By placing your bets in this 5 reel / 25 lines game, you can win up to $10,000 cash.

Betting and Prizes

The betting process was kept relatively simple, the Crocodopolis slot requiring that you just decide on how many lines you want to use, along with the bet value. You can have 1 to 25 active win lines for each spin, and with 1 to 25 coins in the bet, you can then pick their denomination. $1 is the maximum coin value, and so you can spend at most $25 for one spin.

You will be promised a 5,000 coins jackpot, which can be doubled during free spins, to 10,000 coins. In the former case you can get $5,000, while in the latter there are $10,000 on the line.

Crocodopolis Slot Features

The Croc, which would be the wild symbol in Crocodopolis, is the symbol which acts as the substitute, the only one that can be part of a combo formed by other symbols. The Croc will replace only those regular symbols which form regular combos, so the scatter and its ability are not influenced by this icon.

Slide a Wild allows you to have a wild symbol with a multiplier attached. You pick the reel on which this wild will appear, and when it does show up, a multiplier will come with it. You get a 2x multiplier for the 1st reel, one at 3x for the 2nd, an expanding wild for the 3rd reel, an expanding wild with 3x multipliers for the 4th reel,  or stacked wilds for the 5th reel.

The Pyramid, one of the most overused symbols in slot machine history, is a scatter which you use to trigger certain features and even some small prizes. Only the middle three columns can get the Pyramid symbol, and to get a reward from it you need at least two, if not three (2x and 5x the bet as a prize, respectively). You need all three Pyramids present if you want the 12 free spins though. The 2x multiplier which comes along will insure that you win double the usual prize when a combination forms at this point.

Theme & Design

The look is OK, but overall I found it rather boring and common. The cartoon style in use here works well enough, but since the theme is so common, you will discover a lot of competition for it, and most of it will look better. Symbols with scarabs, scrolls, crocodile gods and other big figures from Egyptian religion, will make up the list of symbols which are themed.


The Slide a Wild feature is the only one that’s truly different here. Otherwise, you have an Egypt themed slot machine, like so many others are.

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