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Cutesy Pie looks like a slot machine which Microgaming developed with the Valentines Day holiday in mind. There is quite a bit of pink in its construction, with tiny hearts and panda stuffed toys. There is also the classic side of the game, since this is a slot machine with only 3 reels and 1 line, using various icons which were common even a couple of decades ago. The quality of the design is considerably better than I would normally expect to get from this kind of slot machine. A top payout of $12,500 appears to be possible in this game.

Betting and Prizes

You are offered three coins with which you can play Cutesy Pie, but no matter how many of them you want to use for each spin, you still get only one payline for combinations to form on. These coins have normal values for a classic slot, between $0.25 and $5 for each one. You can spend between $0.25 and $15 per round.

With the maximum number of coins in use, you can expect a payout of 2,500 coins, which could mean $12,500 cash for the player. With two coins, you get only 1,000 coins, while one coin gets you 500 back from the jackpot.

Cutesy Pie Slot Features

Cutesy Pie online slot does not have any kind of feature to offer the player. You might count the Pink Heart symbols as scatters of sorts, since they can pay with one or two symbols as well, not just with three like the others. It’s not something impressive enough though.

The slot lacks any wild symbols, which are so often used in classic titles, or any multipliers, scatters or bonus games. It’s a true classic experience feature wise.

Theme & Design

The graphics are way beyond what you would normally expect to receive from such a slot machine. The theme being based on Valentines Day, you will encounter lots of pink elements. You have the pink color in the background mostly, while the reels are white and have images with Pink Hearts, with three types of 7s (blue, yellow and white with red) and with three Bar symbols (yellow, purple and blue). The Panda Bear is only displayed in the logo area.


Cutesy Pie will be an easy to enjoy game, but it will not pay as much as other games would, and it doesn’t even have any multipliers to improve its attractiveness.