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Deep Sea Dosh is a classic game from Microgaming, but one that doesn’t follow the usual recipe, choosing instead to use much more busy graphics, along with a longer list of features. It’s a type of game that Microgaming seems to be fond of, offering more than a dozen titles that work this way, with better graphics and more details. You will discover nudges among the features, plus a bonus game with Mystery Chests, and you can win up to $6,000 if you play it. The game has 3 reels and 1 line, so in a lot of ways it remains a classic slot machine.

Betting and Prizes

Only one coin is needed for a wager in Deep Sea Dosh video slot. You will decide what the coin’s value should be, the range for it being anywhere between $0.10 and $10. You have only one line and one coin for it, so it’s not a difficult wager to make.

The rewards come from combinations which you form, and they can give you back up to 600 coins, which for this slot machine could mean a maximum payout of $6,000.

Deep Sea Dosh Slot Features

One of the things to keep in mind in this game is that from time to time you will be able to use nudges, to help you improve your winnings. The nudge is used to move one reel by one position, either up or down. They are moved only when there is a symbol on them, which you can use to form a combination. The nudge will move it to the payline position.

The other major feature which you get from Deep Sea Dosh is the bonus game, which triggers at random. You don’t have control over the moment when this feature is offered, it will simply be activated. You will notice that water is coming up from the bottom, filling up the screen. Next, the treasure chests shown at the top will display multipliers. You will be given one of them, and you will have the option to reject the prize, and to get another, if the initial payout seems too low. You can get up to 600x from this feature, the best payout of the slot.

Theme & Design

It’s a theme that is inspired by Neptune, the god of the oceans, and by the various things you might find at the bottom of the ocean. You have sharks, fish, a mermaid and various sea plants. On the reels, you will notice quite a few classic icons, but there are plenty which are inspired by the theme. You have Neptune, a Mermaid, a Pearl Shell, Fish, Crabs, the Bar icon, Oranges, Lemons and Cherries.


Deep Sea Dosh should provide you with all the excitement that you could expect from a classic title, and then some. It doesn’t pay enough though, the top prize of 600x being quite low.