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Diamond 7s is one of those slot machines that are as classic as they can be. The game offers a collection of symbols which are all classic, though one of them is inspired by the diamond that is mentioned in the title. You have a bit of diamond action in the logo and in one of the symbols, but otherwise you get cherries, bars and 7s out of this game. To top things off, there are no features offered inside, none whatsoever. You only get the 3 reels, 1 line and the chance to win $12,500 if you’re really lucky.

Betting and Prizes

Diamond 7s is the kind of game that gives the player three coins, to be used as the player wants to, but all on the same payline. You can use 1, 2 or 3 coins, and you are also allowed to choose what the coin value should be, the range for it being from $0.25 to $5. The complete betting range is from $0.25 to $15.

The big payout that you can take home depends on both the number of coins that you used and on their value. The best payout, of 2,500 coins, can bring you $12,500, in exchange for a 3 coin bet. With 2 coins, the reward is at 1,000 coins, or up to $5,000. The smallest reward is given for a bet of 1 coin, the jackpot being at 500 coins.

Diamond 777 Slot Features

The slot offers no features, something that true classic slot machines were known for. Back in the day, a few decades ago, slot machines were mechanical in nature, and in order to introduce complications with features there was a lot of work to do. Diamond 7s follows that original recipe, and gives you just symbols which form combinations, or at least pay for one or two symbols appearing. There are no wilds here though.

Theme & Design

The theme of Diamond 777 slot is based on classic icons and on diamonds. The title refers to diamond 7s, and these are actual symbols which you can get to form combinations, and to pay the big prize. The other symbols which are offered include a red 7, three types of Bar icons and the usual cherries. The three white reels are on the left side, together with the logo of the game, while the paytable is on the right.


If you want to play a classic slot machine, Diamond 7s could be an OK choice. Don’t expect it to give you anything else over other classic slot machines though, it’s just not that kind of game.