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Doggy Reel Bingo is a type of classic slot machine that Microgaming seems to have patented, the system being part of quite a few of their games in the 3 reels category. These games have the layout that you’d expect, but they manage to offer more in the way of features, while using a highly detailed design, though it still looks a bit on the old side. You have a bingo themed slot machine in this case, with the twist being that there is a dog theme as well mixed in. The slot presents you with 3 reels, has only 1 win line, and it is capable of rewarding you with payouts of $5,000.

Betting and Prizes

The betting system is quite easy to work with. A single coin is part of the wager, no more. Your only option is to modify the value of the coins, starting from the minimum amount of $0.10, and taking it as high as $10 if you can afford that wager in the long run.

Since only one coin is used in the bet, the paytable indicates how many coins you can win by playing this slot. The best combination is at 500x, so you can expect at most $5,000 while playing this game.

Doggy Reel Bingo Slot Features

Nudges are part of all the games of this type that Microgaming has created. It’s no different in Doggy Reel Bingo, a slot machine which offers these nudges on the left side of the screen. You use nudges to move the symbols you need unto the payline, as long as they’re one position above or below the line, and so they’re partially visible. Symbols should only be nudged into place when this results in the formation of a new combination, meaning that the other two positions should already have matching icons on them.

There is a second feature inside, a bonus game that gets triggered when the player activates the entire trail of 8 bingo balls. Once that’s done, the bonus game starts up, providing you with multiple opportunities to have fun. It has a new screen to give you, with boxes to pick from, which will give you rewards and perhaps additional chances to get paid.

Theme & Design

Doggy Reel Bingo game is a mix of bingo, dogs and pink. You have a background image which is heavy on the pink, with lots of tiny bones drawn on it. In the front, you have the information about the paytable, the Bingo trail, the Nudges system, the game logo and the reels. As you can see, it’s quite the busy look. The list of symbols starts with the game logo, continuing with a trophy, a dog house, a collar, a dog bowl, the Bar icon, oranges, lemons and cherries.


Doggy Reel Bingo is not an unusual type of game for Microgaming, even though the industry as a whole has nothing like it. It’s an adequate choice if you’re a fan of Bingo.