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In Double Dose, the player will discover a game where the action revolves around a sexy nurse. It’s a love theme apparently, with a manga look to its main character that I’m sure plenty of males will approve of. Otherwise, expect to find a classic slot machine, with mostly classic icons in it. Disappointingly enough, the sexy nurse is only seen in the logo, not in the symbols. The features give you a wild and its multipliers, that’s it. You have 3 reels here, with 1 win line and a top prize of $8,000.

Betting and Prizes

The type of classic game that we have here gives you 2 coins to use in the bet, on 1 line. You can modify the number of coins, using 1 or 2 each round. You obviously can’t modify the number of paylines. Another betting option is related to the coin value, whose minimum is at $0.25, with a maximum at $5. You may spend at most $10 per spin.

The rewards depend on the wagers that you placed. You can get a maximum payout of 1,600 coins for a combo of three logos, and they can be worth anywhere between $400 and $8,000. The one coin bet gives you only 800 coins for the same combo.

Double Dose Slot Features

As many slot machines do, Double Dose presents you with a wild symbol. The difference is that it has a 2x multiplier that it can apply in this case. Whenever a wild is on the active line, and is part of a newly formed combo, together with a couple of matching icons, it will act as them and it will also use its 2x multiplier to double the prize. If two wilds happen to be on that line, contributing to a combination by acting as the third regular symbol present there, the multiplier they apply together is at 4x.

As for the situation where you have three wild symbols on the payline, that’s when they form a combo directly and they pay the jackpot of 800 or 1,600 coins. The image used for the wild is that of the slot’s logo.

Theme & Design

The theme in Double Dose slot appears to suggest a double injection. The injection is delivered by a sexy nurse, with green hair and in a skimpy outfit. You only see the nurse next to the logo, in the background. That logo is used as the main symbol of the slot, offering the top jackpot and being a wild as well. All other symbols are simpler, images that you will find in this exact form in dozens if not hundreds of other slot machines. You have a red 7, the cherries and the symbols with 1, 2 or 3 Bar on them.


Double Dose delivers an expected complement of symbols, features that are common for such a title and average payouts. Its attractive nurse is the only thing it does differently from other games.